50W 60w Fiber Laser Marking Machine Deep Engraving On Metal

50w fiber laser marking machine mainly used for deep engraving cutting on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, sliver, jewellery Also popular marking on nometal


50W 60w Fiber Laser Marking Machine Deep Engraving On Metal
50w fiber laser marking machine deep engraving on metal

Features of 50w fiber laser marking machine deep engraving on metal

1. Maintenance-Free Direct Part Marking (DPM) requiring no consumables
2. Continuous operation under high-shock, vibration and dust conditions
3. Long-term industrial-grade reliability with MTBF> 80,000 hours
4. Standard wall plug operation with high electrical efficiency
5. Low voltage power source (110/220 VAC) 8 amps
6. Laser “ON” magnetically locked front doors for operator safety
7. Oversized chamber provides working area for larger parts
8. PC-Based Controller, Flat Panel Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard
9. Exhaust outlet for Fume Extractor

Application projects for deep metal engraving laser marking machine
Engraving field, on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and copper.
Firearms deep engraving, 50w fiber laser marking machine widely used in jewelry filed, for both gold/silver engraving and cutting.

Application Industry

•  Solar & Semiconductor
•  Bio Sensor Production
•  Thin Film Polymers
•  General Marking & Engraving Automotive (Parts and Displays)
•  ID Cards & Mobile Phones
•  Jewelry Laser Engraving & Cutting 
•  Medical Devices & Implants
•  Electronics & Sensors/Instruments Industrial Components
•  Manufacture of Processed Parts
•  The 50mm rotary, can do rings bracelets inside and outside engraving.

Advantage of fiber laser engraving machine
1) Materials’ absorption of laser, engraving time and other factors are lead to engraving depth.
2) High precision, good reliability, specially for complex graphics processing.
3) Can greatly improve production efficiency and processing depth.
4) Using high digital scanning galvanometer, the speed has obvious advantages in engraving depth than conventional laser equipment.
5) Low maintenance costs, free maintenance for laser source, depending on power output of normal production and other factors, no need to adjust laser source and clean optical devices, no warm-up time and consumables.
6)Low operating cost, low power consumption, with air cooling system inside.

Model No HTJ-50F
Computer  Includes PC 
Laser Source 
Laser Type Pulsed, High Energy Ytterbium Fiber Lasers 
Mode of operation Pulsed
Polarization random
Nominal average output power 10W - 50W
Central emission wavelength 1060-1070 nm ,Q-switched operation Output power adjustment range 10%-100%
Pulse width, (FWHM) 100 ns
Laser switching ON time 180 μsec 
Laser switching OFF time  180 μsec 
Pulse Repetition Rate* kHz  20-80 kHz 
Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz) 0.95 mJ 
Typical beam quality, M2  <1.8 
Output fiber delivery length  3m 
Max. Power consumption  600W 
Net Dimensions  143*62*101cm 
Net Weight  130 kgs 
Gross Weight  200 kgs 
Laser system   
Scanning Speed  0-7000mm/s 
Marking Speed 0-5000mm/s 
Marking size 110mm×110mm (F-theta 160) 
Spot size  ≤ 40 micron (F-theta 160) 
Cooling unit Air cooled 
Pilot laser 650nm diode laser, visible red light for marking guide 
Price Range $2,800--$4,000

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Packaged in factory
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Questions Customer Often Ask

Whats the materials this machine can engraving?
Whats the deepth can marker for metal?
This machine can cut stainless steel, copper, aluminum?

Get more information feel free to ask at any times.

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