Best hobby laser cutter for small business

Best hobby laser cutter for small business engraving and cutting of paper, crystal, acrylic, wood, rubber, plastic, glass, leather, etc Buy best co2 laser cutting machine with cheap price from HITEC CNC


Best hobby laser cutter for small business 

laser cutting machinehobby laser cutterlaser cutting machine
Wood • Bamboo • Jade • Marble • Organic glass • Plastic • Leather • Rubber • Ceramic • Glass • Textile cutting • Industrial prototyping • Industrial marking • Aerospace • Architectural modeling • Specialty advertising • Plastics fabricating • Point of purchase • Rubber stamps • Picture framing • Gift manufacturing • Bar coding • Engraving • Gasket cutting • Puzzles • Cabinetry • Awards & recognition • Personalized pens • Door pulls • Cut scroll patterns • Games & toys • Finger joints • Inlays & overlays • Fraternity paddles • Music boxes • Light switch plates • Jewelry boxes • Parts marking • Router templates • Desk sets • Scrap booking • Photo albums • Jewelry • Crafts.
Specification of Hobby laser cutter
  1. Cutting area: 51″x26″ (1300x900mm), the length of the material can be unlimited when side door 2 open.
  2. Motorized up and down platform included, you can raise and lower 11.8 “(300mm)
  3. Power Laser: 60-150W CO2 laser tube, multi laser head can made to order
  4. Standard Features: Air support, integrated vector grid and vacuum table, red dot pointer, Water cooling protection system (the laser will stop working if the cooling system has problem).
  5. Resolution: User controlled from 75 to 1200 dpi.
  6. Speed ​​and Power: Computer or manually controls speed and power in increments from 1% to
  7. 100%. Vector color mapping links speed, energy and focus to any RGB color.
  8. Operating modes: optimized raster, vector or combined modes.
  9. Air Assist: Connect an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air through the cutting surface.
  10. Resetting positioning accuracy: ± 0.1m
  11. Supported File Format: DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, AI
    Red Dot Pointer: Since the laser beam is invisible, the red dot pointer allows you to               
    have a visual reference to locate where the laser will fire.
Parameters for hobby laser cutter
Product model
Max working area(mm)
Laser power
130w Reci laser Tube
Laser type
Hermetic&Detached CO2 Tube
Engraving speed(mm/min)
Cutting speed(mm/min)
Minimum letter
English 1 x 1mm
Location precision
Driving system
RDworks V8
Compatible software
CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop
360°slope engrave
Power supply
AC 220V/50Hz~60HZ  (110V is also available)
Laser output control
1-100% control panel and software setting
Highest scanning precision
Cooling mode
Water-cooling and protection system 
Graphic format supported
BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DST (TIANDAO Embroidery Software), DWG, CDR, etc
Exhaust fan, Exhaust pipe, Air pump, CW3000 Chiller, universal wheel and foundation
Price Range

Hobby Co2 laser cutter parts
hobby laser cutter

laser cutting machine parts
Application Samples
acrylic laser cutterlaser wood cutterlaser engraving cutting machine
1. warranty for 3 years.
2. Maintenance for whole life.
3. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price.
4. 24 hours online service, free technical support.
5.Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is  any other questions, pls kindly tell me.
6.We have manual instruction and CD (Guiding Videos) for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance

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