wood laser cutter machine price

Hitec wood laser cutting machine can work on wood, acrylic, leather, marble, glass and other materials , welcome enquiry of our laser machine for enrgaving on wood, acrylic, leather, marble, glass price


Wood laser cutter machine price
wood laser cutting machinelaser cutter woodwood laser engraving cutting machine
Feature of laser cutting machine price

1) Advanced LCD Touch Screen+ USB port+ DSP Offline Control, which can not only work without computer, but also connect to U disk, USB communication.
2) LCD Control System own 128M Big Memory, which can store files in the machine for engraving and cutting, compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and some other kinds of graph disposal software.
3) Imported high precision linear guide rail and professional optical system, dustproof and lubricate, which improve the engraving quality and prolong machine lifetime.
4) Special Front and back running-through design, the unique door for the limitless engraved materials through.
5) Professional Honeycomb or Strip work table, which meet the needs of diversified laser procession;
6) Water Cooling System with Alarm Protection, adopt CW-3000 Water Chiller with temperature display, which can avoid over burning, to protect the water circulation from electricity-off.
7) Equipped with luxury Consumables, Imported Focus Lens and reflect mirror, Chinese Best Quality Laser Tube, 10000 hours Laser Tube and RF metal tube for your choose, makes high efficiency and steady.
8) High speed stepper subdivision driver control, numeral timing, simulation quantum control laser power, little error, repetition high precision, engrave 1×1mm little English character perfect.
9) Red Light Pointer realizes the exact position without laser.
10) Matched Professional software is particularly designed and written for engraving and cutting, with high compatibility, support any computer operating system.
11) Optional Motorized up-down work table with Auto Focus Function, very good for precise focusing and different cutting depth requirement for lots of material;
12) Opional 3D Rotary System, engrave circumrotately 360 degree, applicable in column or cone work piece surface.
13) Optional Rolling and Automatic Feeding System, realize the long work piece automatically completely, such as one roller of cloth/fabric/leather/garment.
14) Optional Imported Ball Screw Rod, with high speed and accuracy, it is smoothly for
laser head to move speedily and laser beam to reflect with high accuracy.

wood laser cutter machine price advantage
1. Drive system with high precision linear guide and slide block, high precision, wear resistance, small resistance, high speed; arc-gear synchronous belt 3m, stable transmission, strong shock absorption ability and small noise.
2. Red Cross accurate positioning, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position.  
3. Three-mirrors and one focal lens path system to deliver outstanding
 engraving and cutting effect. 
4. Equipped with manual modulation focused laser head, responsive and accurate, the machine can adjust the focus position according to engraving and cutting alternation and the material characteristics and thickness of the plank, to ensure sculpture quality.

Available materials
Advertisement materials

Acrylic engraving and cutting, plastic engraving and cutting, PVC boardengraving and cutting, rubber plate engraving, seal engraving, organic glassengraving, Plexiglas engraving, marble engraving, granite engraving, Gumengraving, EVA materials engraving, paper engraving and cutting.
Wood materials

Wood engraving and cutting, MDF engraving, plywood cutting, bamboo engraving.
Garment Materials
Leather engraving and cutting, textile engraving, fabric engraving, clothengraving, Shoes engraving, jeans engraving, carpet engraving and cutting,toy cutting, woolen cutting, denim engraving and cutting.

Engraving and cutting area 1300*900mm/1400*1000mm/1600*1000mm
Laser Power 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W
Engraving Speed 0-1000mm/s
Cutting Speed 0-400mm/s
Reposition Accuracy ±0.01mm
Minimum Character Size English:1mm ; Arabic numberals:1mm
Machine Power ≦1500W
Support Format and Software BMP,PLT,DST,DXF,DWG and AutoCAD,Coredrew
Working Environment Temperature 0-45℃
Working Voltage 220V,50HZ/60HZ
N.W. 320KG-360KG
G.W. 400KG-500KG
Packing Wooden box
Price Range $2,800-$5,000

samples of wood laser cutter machine 
wood laser cuttershitec machineLED light laser cutting machine

MDF laser cutter
HTJ1390 laser cutting machine details parts
laser wood cutting machineco2 laser wood cutting

After Sales Service
1. 24 hours Technical support by Email or Calling.
2. English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining.
3. Hardware: 1 years for machine, 12 months for laser tube (without person damaged).
Software: Whole life on update for free.
Maintenance and technological support: Whole life.

Hitec Advantage
5 faces cnc milling machine to process the machine frame,machine parts.We use machine to making machine.this can make the accuracy high enough.
Only all the small parts and surface,holes smooth and at right place.
That can make sure the machine quality and precision.
QC inspection production line
During the machine processing,This department 3 workers will go to workshop to check the machine parts,they use the precision instrument machine to check every small parts.
Because we know that small parts may case big problems.


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