Best protable deep metal laser engaving steel for sale

Best deep metal laser engaving steel produce not only standard laser marking and engraving, but also successfully perform specialized tasks, such as 3D deep engraving on moulds, punchesengraving on metals, laser cutting, coating removal, perforation and other fuction


Best protable deep metal laser engaving steel for sale
3D dynamic laser engraver metal

Application of deep metal laser engaving machine

HITEC Laser metal engraving machine not only deep engraving on stainless steel, carbon steel, cooper and brass but also cut gold / silver/ brass jewelry.

HITEC series 100 watts Fiber laser machines, which are capable of doing deep engraving. our these machines are capable of engraving on brass or even die steels of 50-60 HRC Hardness. This laser is well suited for marking on hardened dies, coining dies, molds, mold inserts, embossing and debossing dies, roll dies, hot stamping & combination dies, steel dies &rotary dies used to produce a sunken or raised effect around components like caps, tubes and canisters, plastic injection molding and jewelry making dies. This system comes with an optional dust or abrasive exhaust with turbines as a dust collection solution to provide maximum ease to the operator and longevity of the laser machine.

Advantage of Laser deep metal engraving machine
3D fiber laser engraving machines have been designed specifically for 3D deep engraving applications emphasized for superior edge quality and fastest processing time.  
 1. High precision of 3d positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, short pulse, high-peak power and HPRF(High Pulse Repetition Frequency).
2. The 3D Laser marking system adopts friendly operation interface, it is suit for many file formats, such as dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges, etc.
3. The 3D laser marking system adopts high strength cast machine structure.
4. The 3D laser marking system adopts international most advanced technology and the laser source is fiber with Germany IPG technology, lifetime can reach 100,000 hours, 8-10 years without any consumables and maintenance. we have 2 years warranty time for the laser source, the diode coupling with fiber to process pump, the pump light will course the particles reverse which can emit high quality laser beam. 
5. Compact: The high-tech product, which is combined of laser device, computer, auto controller and precision machinery.
6. High Speed: Imported scanning system makes the scanning speed is up to 8000mm/s.
7. Easily Operating: Afford the specific marking software based on Windows, which is real-time adjust the laser power and pulse frequency.  the graphic software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW or Photoshop.
8. The 3D laser marking system is through software control optical expanded beam lens in the optical axis direction high speed reciprocating motion, dynamic adjustment of the focal length of the laser beam, making focal spot in different locations on the surface of workpiece keep uniform.

Model HT100F-3D
Laser Source Raycus Fiber ( RAYCUS / JPT / MAX for option)
Average output power 100W  (70W / 100W for option)
Working area 100*100 / 200*200
Beam Radiation Angle ≤2mrad
Modulation frequency range 1KHz~200KHz
Beam Quality M2:1.2-1.8
Marking Depth 0-3mm(depending on the materials)
Maximum speed 8000mm/s
Repeat location accuracy 0.012mm
Minimum Line Width 0.017mm
Minimum Character 0.2 mm
Cooling Style Air cooling
Galvanometer Feeltek 3DS Dynamic focus system
Field lens Singapore RONAR-SMITH F-theta lens
Control board BJ-JCZ,support USB interface
Supported Format PLT, DXF, DST, AI, SDT, BMP, JPG, GIF,  PNG, TIF, CDR, DWG
Laser power supply <1100W 
Operating Voltage Single phase 220V / 50Hz; 110V / 60Hz
Supported Windows WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / XP
Environmental Requirement 0~35°C,humidity≤90%
Packing size 890*860*600mm
Gross Weight 70KGS
Price Range $8000-$18000

Details Parts
3D laser head3D fiber laser marking

Samples making by laser marking machine
deep metal engraving on aluminum

metal deep marking machine
jewelry laser cutting
3D laser marking

Whats the laser marking?
“Laser marking” stands for marking or labeling of work pieces and materials with a laser beam. In this regard, different processes are distinguished, such as engraving, removing, staining, annealing and foaming. Depending on the material and the quality requirement, each of these procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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