500w 1000w 2000w Metal stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine

metal laser cutting machine adopts most sophisticated fiber laser, combining self-design Gantry CNC machine and high strength welding body After high temperature annealing and precision machining by large CNC milling machine, it has good rigidity and stability with imported high precision and fast speed, linear guide drive Aluminum beam, advanced heat treatment process, high strength, light weight, good rigidity It is mainly for cutting sheet metal below 6mm in high speed and high precision Fiber laser has a series of advantages, such as high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rates, maintenance-free, stable and reliable operation of low cost and small size, etc Air-assisted cutting is the most advanced level of laser cutting, which is particularly suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, titanium and other metal materials precision cutting It s widely used in metal products, hardware, precision machinery,electronics, toys, and other industries


500w 1000w 2000w Metal stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine
laser metal cut

Main Features

1. Excellent Path Quality: Smaller laser dot and high work efficiency, high quality.
2. High Cutting Speed: cutting speed is 2-3 times than same power CO2 laser cutting machine.

3. Stable Running: adopt top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours;

4. High Efficiency for photoelectric conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have three times photoelectric conversion efficiency.

5. Low Cost: Save energy and protect environment. Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%. Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine.

6. Low Maintenance: fiber line transmission no need reflect lens, save maintenance cost;

7 Easy Operations: fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path. 

fiber laser cutting machine working principle
500w 1000w 2000w Fiber laser cutting machine configuration

HTF-1530F Fiber Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Main Technical Data
Laser Power: 500W/700W / 1000W / 2000W / 3000W / 4000w
Working area: 1500mmX3000mm / 2000mmX4000mm / 2000mmmX6000mm
Working Table Structure: Pallet Working Changer
Control System: Cypcut / Germany PA HI800
Driving Mode: Double gear rack driving
Maximum position speed 100m/min 
Positioning Accuracy: ±0.03mm/m
Cooling System: Dual temperature dual control chiller
Protection System: Enclosure protection
Laser Head: Raytools laser cutting head
Power Supply: AC220V ± 5% 50 / 60Hz / AC380V ± 5% 50 / 60Hz
Total Power: 17KW / 8-22KW
Support Format: PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DST, DWG, etc.
Repeat position accuracy ±0.02mm
Other Standard Collocation: Metal nesting software, dual-pressure gas route of 3 kind gas sources, dynamic focus, remote controller, etc.
Metal Laser Cutting Machine Related Model
HTF-1530 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500*3000mm
HTF-1530F/1540F/1560F Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500*3000mm,1500*4000mm,1500*6000mm
P2060A / P3080A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 200*6000mm,300*8000mm
1530HTF/2040HTF/2060HTF Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500*3000mm,2000*4000mm,2000*6000mm

500w 1000w 2000w Metal stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine samples
Fiber laser cutting machine samples

Fiber laser cutting machine precision testing and guarantee
Fiber laser cutting machine advantage
fiber laser cutting machine advantage
Our Hitec laser cutting machine technology and after sales service

1.24 months quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.      
2. Lifetime maintenance free of charge.                
3. Free training course at our plant.                    
4. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.  
5. 24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.        
6. Machine has been adjusted before delivery.
7. Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.

In order to recommend the most suitable fiber laser cutting machine to you,pls answer the questions as follows:

1.What's the materials and thickness you want to process?

2.Your materials working area?

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