Laser etching machine for mdf cutting

Affordable price laser etching machine for wood, acrylic, mdf, cutting HITEC best laser mdf cutter, laser wood cutter, laser engraver machine for sale


Laser etching machine for mdf cutting
mdf laser cutter

CO2 laser etching systems are optimally suitable for the cutting and engraving of MDF. The sheets must be fixed either on the cutter, nor is there a need to clean the working area from chips and dust after laser cutting. Laser cutting is characterised by high precision and consistently high cutting quality. The cut parts can directly be removed and processed without rework.

What a laser etching machine can do?
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Features of etching machine
1. Adopt imported high-precision linear guide rail transmission, to make the optical laser path and machine movement more stable, and cutting and engraving effect better;
2. Adopt the most advanced DSP control system, high movement speed, easy operation, high speed engraving;
3. The X axis adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure, comparing with traditional steel frame, it has advantages of lighter weight, less resonance and smoother movement;
4. Boxed type exhaust fan to ensure the cleanliness of the working envirnment;
5. Machine is very suitable for large sized sheets cutting, such as MDF,acrylic,etc.


Model HTJ1390 HTJ1325 HTJ1530
Working Area 1300×900mm 1300×2500mm 1500×3000mm
Laser Power 60W / 80W / 100W / 120W / 150W/180W
Laser Type Hermetic and Detached Co2 Laser Tube
Engraving Speed 1-60000mm/min
Cutting Speed 1-10000mm/min
Repeat Location Accuracy ± 0.0125mm
Laser Power Controlling 1-100% Manual Adjustment and Software Controlling
Voltage 220V(±10%) 50Hz
Cooling Mode Water Cooling and Protect System
Cutting Platform Professional Thickening Strip or Honeycomb Work Table
Controlling Mode CNC Professional Control System
Support Graphics Formats BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF Compatible HPG Order To Support DXF, WMF, BMP, DXT
Power Controlling Mode Laser Energy Combining Movement Control System
Control Software RD6442G
Price Range $5,000-$8,000

Details Parts
1. Reci laser tube 150w, profect after sales service, longer life time.
reci laser tube

2. Ruida Controller system RD6442G
ruida controller system

3. Laser head with auto focus
Laser head with auto focus

4. Control Box
control box

5. Standard laser parts with machine

laser parts

Laser etching machine samples
10mm acrylic laser cutter15mm mdf laser cutterlaser engraving 3d12mm acrylic cutting

HTJ1325 Laser Cutting Machine Shipping with wooden package
HTJ1325 Laser cutting machineLaser cutting machine mdf

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