CNC wood turning lathe for wood carving slotting

HITEC HTL1530 cnc wood turning lathe with 4axis slotting and carving on wood China cnc wood turning lathe 4axis cheap price on sale


CNC wood turning lathe for wood carving slotting
4axis wood carving cnc lathe machine

Application of 4axis Cnc Wood Turning Lathe
For the production of solid wood furniture, solid wood staircase, wood columns, solid wood floor racks, wood decorative, wood crafts, such as rotating working pieces machining. Applies to furniture, staircases, decorative, wooden crafts manufacturing factory, etc.
The final products include various cylindrical working pieces, bowl shape, tubular shape and vehicle wood crafts, such as various staircase column, Roman column, general column, tables or chairs legs, washstand, wooden vase, wooden table, baseball bat, car wooden furniture, children' s bed column, etc.

Avantage of CNC wood turning lathe
HTL1530-4axis produces turned components with excellent quality and definition. It is ideal for producing one off bespoke turnings and short production runs. Optionally the CNC wood turning lathe can be equipped with an additional “B” axis with a milling head (for twisting and/or fluting) or a sanding head with narrow belt (for sanding turned and/or straight profiles).

1. CNC Wood turning lathe machine is welded with seamless steel structure, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever
2. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, could adjust the turning speed at any time to solve the problem of materials’ vibration.
3. We could configure single spindle with two pcs cutter or one pc cutter, single spindle could configure chuck, two cutters could do rough turning and finish turning at the same time for high efficiency and surface quality.
4. High accuracy stepper motor, after program calculating, guarantee the exact processing size.
5. Taiwan Hiwin square rails and TBI precise ball screw, control the linear error effectively.
6. Easy operation, we can draw by autoCAD and other softwares, transfer the files to machine by a USB.
7. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece.

Model HTL1516-4axis HTL1530-4axis HTL2030-4axis Customized
Table Bed Size (mm) 1500 *160mm 1500 *300mm 2000 *300mm Customized
Controller system DSP control system support 4axis
Cutting speed 8-15m/min
Inverter Fuling inverter
Driving System 5kw Step motor and drivers
X,Y,Z axis guide rail Taiwan HIWIN guide rail
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Process precision ±0.35mm
Transmission model Gear rack drive
Working Voltage 110V/ 200V/ 380V
Software supported TYPE3/ARTCAM/UCANCAM/CAXA/MASTERCAM/Other software output code
Spindle One 3.5kw air cooling spindle
Price Range $5000-$8000

Details parts of the CNC wood turning lathe

Whole cast iron strong machine body, to make sure the machine precision
cnc 4axis

3.5kw china HQD air cooling spindle +cnc wood turning lathe 4axis tools
4axis cnc lathe

DSP A122 controller support 4axis
dsp controller for cnc

Yako driver for cnc wood lathe
yako driver

Cnc control box
cnc control box

Other necessary tools for wood cnc lathe
4axis cnc lathe for woodbuy 4axis cnc lathe

4axis cnc wood lathe Samples
wood 4axis cnc4axis lathe woodworking cnc

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