cheap price cnc plasma cutting machine for sale

HITEC provide the best quality of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine of any size as per your requirement with Hypertherm Plasma Source China Huayuan laser source, most advanced software with 100% service support We have our service team spread all over India for effective and fast support  

CATEGORY: Cnc Plasma Cutter

cheap price cnc plasma cutting machine for sale
how cnc plasma cutting machine works
CNC plasma cutting machine applications
Application Materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, sheet metal, spring steel, gold, silver, etc.
Application Industry: Sheet metal, kitchenware, components, decorations industry.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Features
Cutting widths: 1.5m
Cutting lengths :3.0m
Cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Positioning speed of 1200 ipm reduces idle time between cuts.
Control console mounted is free standing ease of access and safe operation. 
Plasma up to 1'' thick material with standard Huayuan LGK120. 
Optional flame Oxy-fuel Torch.
Integrated cutting table with optional dust and fume extractio. 

Hitec Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Advantage
1.Heavy duty machine frame with strong burden ability and stability.
2 Special design high precision cutting head ,bring smooth cutting edge and good verticality.
3.Perfectly suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel. aluminum, copper, titanium, nickeland other metal
4. Small cutting gap, with no residua.
5.Light design of the beam promises high cutting speed and accuracy. 5.Working with computerand support G code and files of FAS TCAM software (specilized in cutting metal material)
6. Best feedback Starfire 3 axis control system and HYD THC device.

Brand Name HITEC CNC
effective cutting width 1500mm/2000mm
effective cutting length 3000mm/4000mm
material thickness 0.5-40mm
torch lifter vertical traveling distance ≤150mm
cutting precision ±0.5mm
cutting speed 100-12000mm/min
linear repeating accuracy ±0.2 mm
plasma power 63A (90/125/160/200A for option)
plasma source Huayuan or Hypertherm
duty cycle 24h
temperature of the working environment -20~55ºC
material to cut mild steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, copper, titanium and other non-ferrous metal
Price Range $4,500--$9,800

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Samples
cnc plasma cutting machinecnc plasma cutting machine technologymetal plate cnc plasma cutter

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Parts
cnc plasma cutting machine table sizecnc plasma cutting machine with water trayhuayuan power supply

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Strong Wooden Package

Plasma cutting machine

Our Hitec Service
1. Before sale: our salesman will try to know more about your demands ,  including the max working size, main processing materials and the thickness , so we will offer you suit machine
2. During production : we will send the production the machine pictures for customer in time , customer can know more the detailed machine parts
3.Before shipping : the machine parts will be installed and tested by our professional technician, send the test video according to customer’s processing materials for customer confirmations
4.After shipping : we will check when the machine arrive your sea port or the approximate arrival date, so that the customer can know the arrival date and to prepare to pick the machine up
5.Teaching : the English manual and operating video will be sent to customers with the machine together, it will help customer how to operate the machine , it there is any question about the operation , we will have the professional technician to help them how to operate by online ,until the customer can use it freely
6.Our warranty: we guarantee the machine for  2~3 years,some machine parts ( quality problems ) can be free charge to replace it within warranty.

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