High quality atc wood carving cnc router with drlling hole systerm

The machine is fit for hard wood working, like cutting and engraving on rosewood for furniture, indoor decoration, and it is qualified for mass-producing of furniture with the vacuum holding way and dust collector also can drilling hinge hole,Vertical hole for all kinds of furnitures

MODEL: HTM1325-H2-9

High quality wood carving atc cnc router machine with drilling hole systerm
atc cnc router software
Table size:
4'*8'     1300*2500mm
5‘*10'   1500*3000mm
5‘*12'    1500*3500mm

wood carving cnc router details parts:
*  X,Y-Axis Travel: 1300*2500 ,1500*3000, 2000*4000mm 
*  Z-Axis Travel: 300mm
*  Spindle Power: 9kw HSD Air-cooling Spindle, 24000rpm
*  Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm
*  Motor: Servo
*  Max. Rapid Travel Speed: 45m/min
*  Drive System X and Y axis: Helical Rack and Reducer, Hiwin rail linear bearing 30mm
*  Drive System Z axis: Reducer, TBI Ballscrew, Hiwin rail linear bearing
*  Standard Work Surface: aluminium T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table
*  Working Voltage:  AC380V/50, 3PH ; 220V/60Hz,3PH 
*  Command Language:  G Code&M Code
*  Collet : ER32, Max 20mm
*  Tool Change: BT30 ISO30, 8/12/24 Positions


♦ Wide bed column structure, the bed body adopts the base structure, the column adopts the frame type box structure, and the rigidity is good. The castings are precision casted with high-quality Mehanna technology and have excellent rigidity;

♦ High-rigidity ball screw pair and gapless coupling are used to ensure seamless transmission;
The gap compensation is performed by the laser interferometer, and the positioning accuracy and the repeat positioning accuracy are high;

♦ High-power servo motor drives feed, precise feed and strong load;
Servo tool magazine, convenient and quick tool change;
High-speed and low-torque cutting, small tool wear, small spindle bearing capacity and long machine life;

♦ Intermittent electric oil supply system, periodically quantitatively supply oil to each lubrication point, so that the friction pair forms and maintains an appropriate amount of lubricating oil film;
Fully enclosed electric cabinet, supplemented by air circulation design, good dust and ventilation cooling effect;

♦ Fully enclosed and protected from sheet metal, the appearance is beautiful and generous.

The atc wood carving cnc router with drilling hole systerm Parameters
table size 2500×1300mm
max.travelling speed(X axis) 50m/min
max.travelling speed(y axis ) 50m/min
max.travelling speed(Z axis ) 30m/min
main spindle qty 1
main spindle power   9KW
main spindle speed 24000rpm
ACT capacity(main spindle) 8
vertical dtills  10
hortical drills  6
drilling unit rotating speed  4000rpm
vacuum pump power 5.5kw×2
air extraction volume  160m³/h×2
power 27kw

Applicable Industry:
1. Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panels, office, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows.
2. Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.

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cnc router atc
cnc router 1325

Mechanical part of the machine ___________________________________ 1 piece
Spindle Motor 9 KW or other power  (is mounted on the machine) _______ 1 piece
CNC electronic control box _______________________________________ 1 piece
Control System _______________________________________________  1 piece
Vacuum pump  (for the vacuum table)_______________________________ 1 piece


SPTA  (Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories)  for the machine

1. Tool kit  _________________________________________________ 1 kit
2. Collets  ER32 ____________________________________________ 4 pcs
3. Tool Holder ISO30 _________________________________________ 8 pcs
4. Clamps  for fastening workpiece  ____________________________  8 pcs
5. Kit of bits  ______________________________________________ 20 pcs
6. Brush____________________________________________________ 1piece
7. Allen Key __________________________________________________ 4 pcs
8. Spanner ___________________________________________________ 2 pcs
9. Sealing Strip _____________________________________________ 1 piece
10. Achor Bolt ______________________________________________ 6 pcs

Details Parts
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