3D Dynamic Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Hitec 3D dynamic marking machine can mark 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm big working area materials, also can marking 3D Surface on logos Ipone,IMEI, characters, serials numbers and VIN codes on bodywork of motorcycles, nameplates, connecting rods, engines, mechanical parts, machine tools, metal pipe, gear, pump, valve, fastening pieces, cylinder and various hardware


3D Dynamic Fiber Laser Marking Machine 
3D laser marking machine
Application of 3D dynamic fiber laser marking machine

For a variety of shapes carved, the three-axis control can be achieved freedom control of focus, undifferentiated marking in

variety of steps and uneven surfaces.
A greater range marking. Under the premise of standard marking range, z-axis can achieve variable focal length of 40mm marking range,

Z-axis can achieve variable focal length of 40mm marking.
High precision marking. The three-axis scanning system can arbitrarily adjust the focus of the traditional fixed-focus laser marking machine,

eliminate the range deformation and spot deviations from the characteristics of traditional F lens.
More suitable for deep engraving. The dynamic marking is able to automatically adjust the focus in the process of engraving,deeper marking

depth through marking on the machined surface with continuously highest energy density.

Parameters of 3D dynamic fiber laser marking machine

  Laser   Brand  HITEC CNC
  Output Power   30w   50w   100w
  Pulse energy   1mj   1mj   1mj
  Reptition Frequency   30K-200KHZ   50K-200KHZ   5K-100KHZ
  Laser Wavelength   1064nm   1064nm   1064nm
  Process   Marking Range   110*110mm   110*110mm   175*175mm
  Optional Range   175*175mm 300*300mm   175*175mm 300*300mm   300*300mm
  Focusing Range   ≤±20mm   ≤±20mm   ≤±20mm
  Marking Method   XYZ 3-axis dynamic focus
  Min. Linear Width   0.03mm   0.03mm   0.03mm
  Software   Marking Liner Speed   ≤10000mm/s   ≤10000mm/s   ≤10000mm/s
  Support Font   TrueType font, AUTOCAD single line font, customize font
  operating system   WINXP/WIN7/ full 3D view operation
  Machine   Environmental  requirements   Temperature 10°C-35°C Humidity: 5%-75%
  Input Power   Single phase 110V/220V/optional/50~60HZ
  Powwer Consumption   ≤750W   ≤1200W   ≤1500W
  Cool System   Air Cool   Air Cool   Air Cool
  Control interface   PCI-Express/USB-2.0 optional

working principle

Details Parts
3D dynamic laser headlarge size laser marking machinedynamic laser cutter

>>Applicable Material:
gold & sliver, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo and so on.

>>Applicable Industry:
gold & silver jewelry, sanitary ware, food packing, tobacco products, medicine packing, medical apparatus and instruments, watches&glassware, auto accessories, electronic hardware.

>>Representative Working Samples:
auto accessories marking, tobacco products marking, beer bottle marking, ring marking, electronic products marking.

laser plastic marking machine


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