JPT 200W MOPA Fiber laser marking machine with auto focus axis for metal engraving

High level JPT 200W MOPA Fiber laser marking machine with auto focus axis for metal engraving


JPT 200W MOPA Fiber laser marking machine with auto focus axis for metal engraving

Advantage of JPT MOPA 200W 

High Precision. Our 200W fiber laser comes with a high-precision Z-Axis. Our high-precision tower is operated by the square guide rails that keep the scanner perfectly aligned and provides smooth and precise movement.
Easy Operations. 200w JPT M7 series high-power pulsed fiber lasers utilize a master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) technology and show excellent laser performance and high temporal pulse shaping controllability. Compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in the MOPA configuration. 

Parameters of FIber laser marking machine 200w

Model HTJ-100FM HTJ-120FM HTJ-200FM
Fiber laser source brand JPT
Fiber laser source type MOPA
Output power >100W >120W >200W
Laser beam quality M2 <1.8 <1.8
Max single pulse energy 1.5MJ
Pulse duration 2-500ns 8-500ns
Frequency 1-4000khz 1-4000khz 1-4000khz
Center Wavelength 1064nm
Cooling type Air
Marking Area 70x70/110x110/200x200/300x300mm
How to get focus double red light
marking Depth 0-2mm
Max positioning speed 8000mm/s
Min. Character size 0.2mm
Supply voltage AC110V 60HZ / AC220V 50HZ
Control program EZCAD2 from BJJCZ
Package size 770 x470x770mm
Package weight 65kg

Technical Parameter Industries
- Industrial machinery laser marking, watches laser marking
- Electronic and communication products laser marking
- Aerospace devices laser marking, various automotive parts laser marking
- Home appliances laser marking, hardware tools laser marking, molds laser marking and engraving
- Wire and cable laser marking, food packaging laser marking, jewelry laser marking and engraving
- Laser fly marking of tobacco and military industry design 
- Iron, Copper, Ceramic, Magnesium, Aluminum
- Gold, Silver, Titanium, Platinum, Stainless Steel
- Titanium alloy, Aluminum alloy, any high hardness alloys
- Oxide, Electroplating, coating, ABS, Epoxy Resin, Ink, Engineering, Plastic, etc.


Samples we making
100w fiber laser marking

Why customer Chooe JPT 200W Fiber laser marking machine

1) Large size metal engraving
2) Jewelry engraving and cutting

Shipping our 200w JPT MOPA TO Eurpo
jpt mopa fiber laserfiber laser engraving for metal plate

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