JPT M8 MOPA 100W Laser marking machine for glass drilling cutting and engraving

Best price for glass cutting machine from HITEC CNC JPT MOPA M8 fiber laser marking machine for glass engraving and cutting


JPT M8 MOPA 100W Laser marking machine for glass drilling cutting and engraving 

jpt glass cutting machineM8 glass engraving cutting machine
glass engraving and cutting
JPT M8 fiber laser marking machine advantage Features
► Wide range of application  
► No consumables, free Maintenance
► Water cooling design, stable performance
► High drilling speed, high efficiency, high precision
► High single-photon energy
► Software with powerful edit function but easy operation

M8 Laser Drilling On Glass

Drilling Diameter(mm) 10 20 30 40 50
Glass Thickness(mm) Drilling Time(s)
1 1.9 4.0 5.7 7.8 9.7
2 3.0 6.4 9.8 14 19.8
3 3.5 8.0 11.8 24 32
4 4.8 9.4 14 28 40
5 6.1 12.3 20 32 46

Test Samples
JPT M8 Glass cuttingGlass drilling cutting fiber laser

jpt m8

Whats the Parts we use for 100w JPT M8  Laser?

1) Cooling system for laser head when working
jpt glass cutting machine

2) G3-3D PRO laser head
G3-3D laser marking machine

3) The electromagnetic valve

4) JPT M8 Laser Source

After-sales service
Pre-sale service
1.* Free sample marking
For free sample testing, please send us your file, we will do marking here and make video to show you the effect,or send sample to
you for checking quality.

2.*Customized machine design
According to customer's application, we may revise our machine accordingly for customer's convenience and high production

After-sale Service

1.*Before delivering the machine, we will test 18 hours, so you can use it directly when you get machine.
2.*If you have problems while using, 24 hours online professional advice available.
3.*Lifetime software free upgrades.
4.*whole machine 2 years.

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