Big Area 1530 Elevator Smart Mirror Laser Engravging machine Cost

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Big Area 1530 Elevator Smart Mirror Laser Engravging machine Cost
1530 smart mirror laser engraving machine

Large stainless steel plate surface engraving, widely used in elevator decoration and large format metal sign billboard industry
Local sanding of stainless steel
It can replace most metal chemical etching processes without any pollution.
• Remove paint from the mirror leaving the glass completely transparent, a system widely used by bathroom mirrors and furniture painted glass manufacturers
• Remove the vitrified paint on the tempered glass leaving the glass slightly opaque, the system widely used by glass furniture and building manufacturers to make logos and symbols on already tempered glass
• Remove the coating from the reflective glass including the dielectric glass leaving the glass completely transparent, a system used in the furniture sector to produce furniture doors, partitions, interior doors, etc. when transparent parts or decorations are required
• Simultaneously micro-engrave and remove large bands of metal coating of most Low-E glass (hard and soft coating) and silver paste deposit (busbar), a system used by refrigerator doors manufacturers to produce the anti-fogging glass and even to produce the heated glass (thermo furniture)
• Micro engrave the metal coating of most Low-E glass (hard and soft coating) with complex geometric designs, a system used by train and environment glass manufacturers where permeability of mobile phones to radio waves is required

metalplate laser engravinglaser engraving machine
Parameters of Large size laser marking machine

Laser Lifetime 100000H(attenuation after 80000 hours)
Laser Power 50W/60W/80W100W/200W
Laser Wavelength 1060nm
Repetition accuracy 0.012mm
Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Max Marking Depth <1.2mm
Size 800*800mm,1200*1200mm,800*1200mm,1300*2500mm,1500*3000mm
Control Card/Software Imported from Germany
Rack Yaskawa, Japan
Private Service Yaskawa, Japan
Electrical Component DELIXI
Computer working system Microsoft Windows 10
Tank Chain Customized and Fully Enclosed
Longmen Frame High end aluminum alloy for aircraft
Machine tool Die opening and thickening machine
Weight 1200kg
Graphic format supported bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Name Large size laser fiber marking machine / large format laser etching machine / LED mirror laser engraving machine

Samples Making By the Machine

laser engraving metal mirror laser engraving

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