3D Dynamic Large Working Size Fiber Laser Marking Machine

3D metal laser marking machine for metal Curved surface engraving, the engraver size can be reach to 600*600mm


3D Dynamic Large Working Size Fiber Laser Marking Machine
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The fiber laser marking machine is suitable for various metals, alloys and metal oxides, ABS materials, epoxy resins, hard plastics, etc. Widely used in advertising, home improvement, electrical appliances, tool accessories, creative gifts, auto parts, building materials and other industries.

Details Materials can working
Stainless Steel
Anodized aluminum
Hardened metals
Alloyed steels
High-speed steels
Titanium, titanium alloys
Precious metals (e.g. silver, gold)

Coated metals

Laser applications in the industry
Product labeling as protection against plagiarism
Functional laser marking e.g. size, diameter, etc.
Production information e.g. date of production, batch or serial number
Codes for permanent traceability
Data matrix codes for quality assurance
Lasering nameplates etc.
Typical industries for color marking
Kitchen appliance manufacturers who would like to display their color logo on the stainless steel fronts of the appliances
Manufacturers of knives and cutlery who want to enhance their stainless steel products with color logos
Engravers and job shops looking to expand their product portfolios and offerings
Stainless steel trim part processors from other industries who want to stand out with color markings


                                                                          HITEC CNC
Model HTJ-100F-3D
Average out power 100W
Laser wavelength 1.06µm
Laser frequency 20-80kh 
Standard Marking range 400*400mm,500*500mm,600mm*600mm
Marking Method XYZ three axis dynamic focusing
Optional Marking range 800*800mm
Marking depth <=0.3mm
Marking speed <=7000mm/s
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Repeatability accuracy ±0.002mm
Electricity requirement 220V/50Hz/60Hz
the whole Power consumption 500W
Price Range 9000$-20000$

Samples marking by Fiber laser marking machine
hitec cnc

3d deep engraving

Optional Parts
laser marking machine parts

Packing list
jpt laser marking machine
Pre-sale Service

1. Welcome to send sample material to us for testing laser engraving marking effect for you.
2. We offer pictures, videos and other relevant documents for you to know more about the machine.
3. We are online and would respond fast to answer all your questions.
4. If you have chance visiting China, you are warmly welcome to visit our factory.
After-sale Service

1. The whole 3D laser engraving machine‘s warranty is 2 year. Any parts have a quality problem during the warranty period, We will send you a new replacement for free. And Customer affords the replacement shipping cost.
2. The training video, detailed manual, and catalog sent with the machine. The customer could study the operation of the machine by watching the clear training video. And the use of 3D laser engraving marking machine will be very easy.
3. If there is a technical problem or new inquiry, HITEC has a fast response to service support by online or email even if need by the phone call.
4. Professional technical support and after sales following up. A free software update.

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