2.5D Mopa Jpt 50w fiber laser marking machine for 3D Relief engraving metal with Ezcad3

2 5D Mopa Jpt 50w fiber laser marking machine for 3D Relief engraving metal with Ezcad3 from HITECCNC


2.5D Mopa Jpt 50w fiber laser marking machine for 3D Relief engraving metal with Ezcad3
2.5D laser marking machine
Parts come with the machine

► 50watt JPT laser source
► Galvo Head
► F-Theta Lens
► Zaxis Electric Lift
► BJJCZ DLC Controller support 3D relief deep metal
► Marking Station
► Industrial Case
► EZCAD3 Professional Software
► Galvo Driver & Laser Driver Card
► 110V AC power supplies/220V AC power suppliers

Product Description
JPT LP laser with high peak power and excellent beam quality, 100,000 hours working life
EZCAD 3 version and famous control board, ensuring higher stability and complex functions
F-theta Scan Lens. Imported laser scanning system marking speed up to 7000mm/s
Compatible with Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop, PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP,etc
Support SHX,ITF fonts; automatic encoding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode OR code, automatic jump number, etc
3D Engraver Advantages
2.5D Laser engraving machines specialize in creating images on a variety of materials
It is special use full for coin mould and die mould. it is also know for mould making machine
Marks curved, tilted, multi-level surfaces without rotary
The fastest industrial laser marker on the market
Our fiber laser marking machine is widely used in jewelry, stainless steel, brass, hardware tools, industrial parts, electronics and communications products, molds, gifts, packaging etc.

How does 2.5D laser marking machine working?
The 2.5D deep engraving standard system is suitable for laser engraving depth of molds, signs, hardware accessories and other products. Compared with the traditional method, the laser metal deep engraving has no pollution, high precision and flexible engraving content, which can meet the advantages of complex engraving process.
The system adopts the latest Ezcad3 software and DLC2 control card independently developed by the system, combined with 2D digital scanning galvanometer and electric (stepping) lifting, which greatly reduces the production cost of the equipment. The software operation interface is simple and smooth, and the user is easy to learn and understand. In addition, the software supports the same STL switching between yin and yang; multiple filling methods, custom fill mode for users to choose; optimized for large files.


Parameters Unit Specifications
Central wavelength nm 1064±4
Polarization   Random
Average output power W 50
Beam quality M2 <1.0
Max marking speed characters/s 800
Marking Area mm 110 X 110
Marking Depth mm 0.01~0.5
Min Line Width mm 0.01
Repeatability Precision mm 0.005
Frequency tunable range KHz 1 ≈ 400
Pulse width ns 200
Power tunable range % 5 ≈ 100
Operation voltage VAC 110
Cooling    Forced air
Working temperature  °C 10 - 35
Operation humidty   10 - 95
Storage temperature °C  -10 - 60

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jewelry cuttinggun laser engraving

Optional Parts
mopa laser 60w laser parts

Packing List 
packing list
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50w EZCAD3

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