HTF3015GAR Laser Cutting Machine IPG 2000W For Metal

HITEC fiber laser metal cutting machines range from 1kW up to our incomparable 12kW Plate and tube cutting laser reliable turnkey laser cutting system designed to meet low to medium volume production requirements of metal fabricators


HTF3015GAR Laser Cutting Machine IPG 2000W For Metal
fiber laser cutting machine
metal laser cutter machine

Machine Description
  1. Available for Both Metal Sheet & Tube Cutting
  2. Tube Cutting Rotary Device: Support basic round and square tube cutting, standard tube diameter 0.78"-8.66", optional tube diameter 0.78"- 12.6" 
  3. Laser Source: IPG
  4. Machine Body: High-rigidity welded body, compact design and stable performance
  5. Gantry: Special molding technique made aviation aluminum gantry, light weight, strong rigidity, fast response and stable running.
  6. Transmission System: High torque imported servo drive system and perfect laser welder gear system. Ensure the powerful driving, high accuracy cutting and excellent dynamic response.
  7. Z-axis System: High precision ball screw system. 
  8. Laser Cutting Head: Raytools auto-focusing laser cutting head.
  9. Auto Exchanging Shuttle Tables: Parallel auto exchanging shuttle table, ensure synchronous running, good efficiency, reliable and stable. 
  10. Control System: CypCut 

Advantage of fiber laser cutting machine

With a fully enclosed design;

The observation window adopts an European CE Standard laser protective glass;

The smoke produced by cutting can be filtrated inside, it's non-polluting and environmentally friendly;

The weight of machine is 7500kg;

fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut metal plates, but also metal pipes. It has many uses and can save the space of more than 50%, which effectively improve productivity.

Clamp Design
It adopts an electric clamp design on both sides and it can modulate the center automatically. The diagonal adjustable range is 20-200mm.

Widely used in the processing of metal tube structure, advertising board, spring coil slice, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, car, machinery, elevator, Hv/lv electrical ark production, electric parts, subway line spare parts, etc.
Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, aluminum- plating zinc plate, copper and other metals.

Technical Sheet
Standard working area 10' x 5' (3050 x 1550 mm)
Optional working area 13' x 6.5' (4000 x 2000 mm)/ 20' x 6.5' (6100 x 2050 mm)/ 26' x 6.5' (8000 x 2000 mm)
Optional Laser Wattage 1500W/ 2000W/ 3000W/ 4000W/ 6000W
X- axis distance 120" (3050 mm)
Y- axis distance  61" (1550 mm)
Tube X1- axis distance 59" (1500 mm)
Tube A, B axis- distance Infinite rotation
Tube diameter Standard: 0.78"-8.66" (20-220 mm)         
Optional: 0.78"- 12.6" (20-320 mm)
Z-axis distance 11.8" (300 mm)
X, Y Two-axis coordinated positioning speed (MAX)  140 m/min
Positioning acceleration (MAX) 1.5 G
Positioning accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm
Maximum sheet load weight  lbs (700 kg)
Maximum pipe load weight  Auto-loading: 220 lbs (100 kg) 
Manual-loading: 440 lbs (200 kg)
Laser resonator IPG
Laser head Raytools: 1.5 -4 KW                                              
Precitec: 6 KW
Controlling System Cypcut
X-Y-Z Servo Motors X-2x2900W;  Y- 1x850W ;  Z-1x750W
Machine body weight Approximately  15,432 lbs (7000 kg)
Pipe rotation weight Approximately 2204 lbs (1000 kg)
Exchanging shuttle tables & auxiliary weight Approximately 5511 lbs (2500 kg)
Dimension No pipe cutting 350" x 118" x 80" (8900 x 3000 x 2050 mm)                               
With pipe cutting 429" x 142" x 80" (10900 x 3600 x 2050 mm)
Price Range $4,8800-$9,9000

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