Affordable Hobby Desktop CNC Router Price HTG6090 For Sale

Hobby desktop cnc router for Wood, Acrylic, Aluminum, Stone, Sign Making Machine, Get an affordable price hobby cnc router 6090 from HITECCNC


Affordable Hobby Desktop CNC Router Price HTG6090 For Sale
china cnc router 6090

Hobby cnc router are designed for processing materials such as
• Solid wood (oak, beech, ash, birch, etc.) *;
• MDF, plywood, laminated chipboard, laminate;
• Plastic, acrylic glass, composite panels with a coating of soft metals;
• Polyfoam, polystyrene, etc.
* I do not recommend using conifers of wood in work, because without the use of special liquids, resin sticks to the mill, as a result of which the mill “burns” and becomes dull before its service life.
Based on the dimensions of the machine, the spindle power of 1.5 kW and the type of materials being processed - several types of products and work performed can be distinguished:

• Milling of circuit boards and disassembly of microcircuits;
• Cutting and engraving of key chains, magnets and other souvenirs;
• Cots, cottages and bizyboordy;
• Hashtags, inscriptions and animal heads made of plywood;
• Icons, panels and backgammon;
• Bas-reliefs, sockets, coats of arms, watches;
• Knives and rifle butts.
After installing the rotary (4th) axis
• Chess pieces and figurines;
• Carved vases, candlesticks, bedside lamps;
• Carved legs of tables and chairs.
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Parameter of desktop cnc router HTG6090

Brand                                       HITEC CNC®
1  Working area  X axis 600mm
     Y axis 900mm
     Z axis 100mm
2  Table size   750mm*1300mm
3  Accuracy  Working accuracy 0.02mm
     Repostioning accuracy 0.02mm
4  Drive mode  X axis Ball screw
     Y axis Ball screw
     Z axis Ball screw
5  Speed  Max travel speed 8000mm/min
     Max working speed 6000mm/min
6 Spindle(air-cooling)  Spindle power 1.5KW
     Spindle speed 0-24000r/min
7  Running mode   Stepper
8  Working voltage   AC220V/50HZ
9  Command code   G code
10  Operating system   Nc studio
11  Invertor   Fuling 1.5KW
12  Guild rail   Square rail
13  Gantry   Cast aluminum
14  Table Aluminum alloy  T slot PVC board
15  Total machine power   2300W
16  Machine size   1400×1100×1650mm
17  Price Range  $1,600--$2,800

Advantage of HTG6090 hobby cnc router
1. Thicker & Stronger Cast iron frame body Much stronger than other Aluminum frame, make the
Machine more stable & much better bearing capacity.
2. 1.5KW/2.2KW China best Air or Water cooling spindle China top quality Changsheng brand,
More durable & much lower nose & longer life-time.
3. Taiwan HIWIN Linear Guide for Y axis Top brand Taiwan imported with global service. 10 times
longer life-time than round rail or the common brand linear rail. More stable, lower noise, harder to
4. Taiwan TBI ball screw High precision top brand Taiwan imported TBI Ball Screw.
5. Separated control box It has 2 separated parts which can prevent electrostatic interference.
Wires, high soft shielding twisted-pair cable, fire-resistant and with low failure rate, could be bent
min 30,000,000 times.
6. Top brand electric part: Japanese Omron limit switch
7. Tool calibration sensor(Tool auto-checking instrument) A. More easier to find the working original
home, avoid the manual error, save time. B. Ensure the accuracy.
8. Tool Box (free Accessories) Including ArtCAM/Type3 Software CD, Water pump, Clamps, Tool
holder, Collet, Collet nut, Wrench, Port cable, Power cable, 18 pieces CNC Tool Bits.
9. Offline operated DSP control system / Computer controller Economical NCstudio controller DSP
handle controller with USB port, no need to connect into the computer when operate machine,
support offline operation, very popular & easily- operated.


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HTG6090 CNC router Details Parts 

a cnc 6090 router

Machine in Hitec Factory
smart cnc router 60904axis cnc router

Naturally this list goes on and on!
Friends, tell us in the comments, and what products do you make?
And can a CNC machine help you?

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