Mini cnc jade, ganite, jewelty hobby desktop cnc machine with water cooling system

Mini cnc jade, ganite, jewelty hobby desktop cnc machine with water cooling systemdesigned for processing Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Making, PCB, Advertising Signs, Artwork, Crafts, Aircraft Models, RC Model parts, etc So, you can do engraving work at office or home


Mini cnc jade, ganite, jewelty hobby desktop cnc machine with water cooling system
mini cnc router 6090
Mini cnc jade, ganite, jewelty hobby desktop cnc machine with water cooling system suitable for woodworking, Advertising Design, Mold Industry, Stone Carving, Handicraft industry , Arts Creation, Teaching, Student Project and Hobby Purposes.


♦ It can work with 3axis cnc router and 4axis cnc router.
♦ Integrated high-speed micro computer intelligent control chip.
♦ high quality powerful and affordable price.
♦ Mach 3 software, supports Win10
♦ Built in frequencey converter and without controller box
♦ Applicable to stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stone, granite etc.
♦ Higher precision 
♦ Heavier steel structure
♦ XHC control boad
♦ With auto-checking function.
♦ 2200w water-cooled spindle.
♦ Ball screw
♦ CE approved.
♦ Video support.
♦ English manual available.
♦ Mach 3 software send with the machine as a CD.


Brand                                                                HITEC CNC
Effective working travel 580(X)mm*400(Y)mm*105(Z)mm
Shape dimension 880*670*640mm
Max.workpiece dimension 750mm*450mm<150mm
Work table dimension 750mm*480mm
Frame materials aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 the unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles. let  counterfeiters dwarfs
acceptable material thickness ≤145
Driving units X axis 1605 ballscrew
Y axis 1605 ballscrew
Z axis 1605 ballscrew
Sliding units  X axis Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
Y axis Dia.20mm chrome plate shafts
Z axis  Dia.13mm chrome plate shafts
Stepping motor type  57 two-phase 3A
Spindle motor brand new 1.5KW water cooling spindle, 24000RPM
Principal axis collet  ER11/3.175 mm/6mm
Repeat accuracy 0.05mm
Spindle precision radial beat acuities 0.03 mm
Carving Instructions G code/TAB files/nc file/NCC files/DXF file/GERBER file
Communication interface through parallel and USB connection with computer,DSP and Mach3 USB
Software environment Windows xp/Win7/Win8/Win10
Maximum speed 0-4000mm/min
Carving speed 0-2500mm/min (different materials differ)
Control unit Toroidal transformer + PWM power supply module + TB6560 3axis drive board
Computer connection parallel port/USB port
Command code G code
Acceptable software Mach3,USBCNC
Protection Emergency stop button
Operating Voltage AC110V/AC220V
Machine weight (Package weight) 3 axis 82KG, 4 axis 85kg
Price Range 1500$-2500$

What kind of samples can making by this mini cnc router?
hobby cnc router 6090pcb engraving cnc router

Advantage of hobby desktop cnc router

1. Advanced of Mini cnc jade, ganite, jewelty hobby desktop cnc machine with water cooling system Control System Mach3 or advanced DSP numerical control system and large liquid crystal display brings out much convenient operation and simpler maintenance.Special intelligent pre-calculating system fully develops the potential of the engine and leads to high speed processing of smoother curves and straight lines simultaneously. 

2. Large Memory and Perfect Data TransmissionThe desktop CNC router adopts Large internal memory of 32M is enough to simultaneously store more than 30 processing files which can be read freely.The Mini CNC router adopts USB interface (plug and play) to communicate with computer under the system of Windows, which can instantly complete transmission.

3. Powerful CompatibilityInternationalized directives ensure that it is compatible with CAD/CAM software like Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Proe, UG, Artcut from home and abroad.

4. Intelligent and Humanized DesignThe desktop CNC router is able to continue engraving when the electricity is cut off or the tool is broken.Intelligent control of spindle makes the desktop CNC router able to auto-start and auto-stop, which is more safely, convenient and power-saving.

5. Powerful Diamond DrillPowerful frequency changing spindle enables the machine to cut organic glass of 30mm~50mm thick in one cut. 

cnc router wooden package

After Sales Service
1. 24 months warranty for the whole machine.
2. Technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp/Skype around the clock.
3. Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.
4. Engineer available to service machinery overseas.

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