Paper card co2 laser marking cutting machine

Lowest price co2 laser marking and cutting machine, widely used for paper cutting, jeans, leather, wood, glass


Paper card co2 laser marking cutting machine
Co2 laser marking machine
Paper card co2 laser marking machine features

1.Very cheap price but widely used in different materials.
1. High reliability, long continuous operation time, clear and complete printing.          
2. Supported by rich software, enable to collect and manufacture various labels, non-contact processing           
3. Ensure original precision of the surface of work piece to the maximum limit.           
4. Suitable for engraving on various materials, long time preserve, simple installation and convenient maintenance.

Application of co2 laser marking cutting machine
The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for the majority of non-metal materials, such as wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, glass, construction ceramics, organic materials, PMMA sheet, plastic, rubber and so on.
CO2 laser marking machine applicable industries:
The CO2 laser marking machine is extensively used in medicine, food and beverage packaging industries, textile industry, handicraft supplying industry, printing industry and manufacturing industries for electronic components, communication products, watches and glass products.


Brand  HITEC
Laser Power  30W/55W/100W/150W RF Tube 50W/80W/100W CO2 Glass Tube
Working Area    110*110mm/200*200mm/300*300mm
Laser Wavelength    10.64μm
Response Time    0.5ms
Frequency of Pulse    20KHz
Max Marking Depth    0-6mm
Marking Speed    0-7000mm/s
Minimum Line Width    0.1mm
Minimum Character    0.3mm*0.3mm
Repeatability Accuracy    ±0.005mm
Resolution Ratio    0.1mm
Graphic Format Supported    bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Unit Power    ≤2KW
Power    220V/50Hz/10A
Cooling Method    air Cooling (AKJ-R 100W 150w&AKJ-C:Water Cooling
Price Range    $4,000---$6,000

Co2 laser marking machine in Hitec group
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How to choose a good co2 laser marking machine?

1. Machine quality.
If you plan to choose the cheapest fiber laser marking machine,maybe the quality can't be guaranteed. The quality is the most important factors should be considered first before choosing a fiber laser marking machine.

2. Future more, after-sales service is very important too.
Good after-sales service represent the image of a company. After you using the co2 laser marking machine and meetting any problem, a good after-sales can solve it effectively and protect the consumers’ right.

3. The third is technical support.
   Cos of different time zone, the communication with the seller is a big  problem. So the effectively contact information and serve is very useful. Our company can provide 24th service, we could also go to your country to solve problem if necessary.

4. Last but not the least is the company.
In order to ensure the company image, a good reputation company usually can produce good quality machine. Our company specialized in CNC  router since 2005,  the professional engineer teams, the advanced equipment and the good service have earned us good reputation in world market.

If you want to make sure whether this co2 laser marking machine suitable for your material, please tell me:
1.What materials do you want to engrave?
   Different types laser mark machine apply to different material.
2.What’s the max size of your material?(Length *width* thickness)
  Once you tell me this information of your material, then I'll recommend you the most suitable machine and the best price for you. And we can also customize one for you or send you a solution.

This is the first time I use this kind of co2 laser marking machine . Is it easy to operate?
Yeah. Don’t worry about this.
1. English instruction book are sent to you free together with the co2 laser marking machine.
2. Free training course in our factory. Engineers are also available to serve overseas if necessary.
3.16 hours technical support by calling, video and email.''


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