High speed DAVI 60W Co2 laser marking machine for wood leather cloth acrylic engraving

High speed DAVI 60W Co2 laser marking machine for wood leather cloth acrylic engraving


High speed DAVI 60W Co2 laser marking machine for wood leather cloth acrylic engraving

Industry Application
Tobacco, food and beverages, wines, medical packing, leather, plastic, rubber, wood products, advertisement, arts and crafts, glass, printing, ornament,etc

Marking Materials
leather, wood, textiles, plastics, acrylic, glass, crystal, stone, MDF, dual-color board, organic glass, paper, jade, agate, non-metals  etc.

What is the advantage of galvo co2 laser engraving marking machine 
Unlike traditional co2 machines that have backlash due to acceleration/deceleration of the gantry, the galvo co2 laser marking machine runs at a steady speed without any of the backlash. About 7 times higher speed than gantry co2 laser engraving machine.
Widely used in many nonmetal materials,Such as denim jeans fabric, bamboo, boulder, horns, leather, wood, organic plastic, acrylic pmma, paper, film, wood, acrylic, plastic, ABS,PP etc.
Galvo CO2 Laser Engraving Marking Machine Features
Free maintenance, NO Consumables,only need electricity.
EZCAD 2 or EZCAD3 control software, support working with lightburn software too.
Compatible with any windows system computer and laptop.
Laser Power 30w 35w 60w 100w for option.
Metal RF laser tube with various brands: Synrad, Coherent, Davi.
High speed galvanometer head: 5Xbeam, 6xbeam, 8xbeam, 20mm spot diameter galvo head.
Fiedl Lens : 70*70mm, 110*110mm, 140*140mm, 175*175mm, 210*210mm, 300*300mm.
Extral Parts: Support working with Rotary, rotating disk table,electric X, XY, XYY table.

Type specification HT-60C
Wave length of laser 10.6μm
Laser repetition frequency ≤25KHZ
Laser power RF60W
Marking scope 110*110 /140*140mm/210*210mm/300*300mm optional
Marking depth ≤0.3mm(adjustable according to materials)
Laser Head Scanning head
Linear Speed ≤7000mm/s
Min.Line Width 0.03mm
Min.Letter 0.2mm
Repeated accuracy ±0.01mm
Cooling ways Air cooling/Water Cooling Optional 
Power supply AC220V/ 50Hz/2kVA
Process Material Various of nonmetal materials
Support format PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI etc
Package Size 1.17L X0.77W X1.09 H M
Gross Weight 68KG

The machine parts we use

1) DAVI 60W Metal tube
DAVI RF60W metal tube

2) High speed galvanometer
high speed co2 laser

3) Honeycomb table

Honeycomb Nest Countertop

The size of the machine we support 100&100mm,  200&200mm, 300&300mm, 600*600mm, 800&800mm, 1200&1200mm.

Test samples by HITEC Co2 metal laser marking machine
wood pdf laser engraving

Yeti cups laser engraving

HITEC Support
1. Free test samples -We can carry out free marking effect tests according to your product material 
2. Video Live-You can connect with our sales consultants to watch the production process and the operation of the machine in online video.
3. Customised /OEM-Customised machines on request

Q: How long does it take to learn the laser?
A: The software is easy to learn with teaching video, also we can help you to learn the laser online. Usually
it will take a few hours to operate the laser ,But it will take a bit of trial and error to learn what speed and power settings to use with different materials. So we include a comprehensive guide with your system that has recommended speed and power settings for various materials with which you will be working.

 Q: Will the laser machine be safe during transport?
A: (1) Inner: plastic stretch film and white foam.
(2)Middle: small pieces of wood and screws.
(3)outside: standard export wooden case. So,the laser machine will send to you safely. In case the machine was damaged , please contact us ,We will process the replacement as soon as possible to ensure that it arrives in time .

Q: What should I do when something goes wrong with the laser?
A: We offer a one-year warranty. In warranty, we will provide the broken items free of charge. Beyond the warranty period, we still provide maintenance service.


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