Galvo Laser Engraver Cutting Paper Leather Shoes

Galvo Laser Engraver Cutting Paper Leather Shoes, this machine also popular for wood engraving, garment cutting and engraving, paper cutting, denim engraving


Galvo Laser Engraver Cutting Paper Leather Shoes
Co2 laser marking machine for paper cutting

CO2 Laser Marker Applicable Materials and Industry
CO2 Laser engraver majority of nonmetal materials such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, organic materials, plastic, epoxy resin etc.

♦ Advertisement Industry
♦ Furniture Industry
♦ Craft Industry
♦ Leather Industry
♦ Electronics
♦ Packaging Industry
♦ Label Industry

Applicable materials
Can be used in wood,paper,leather,cloth,plexiglass epoxy,acrylic,unsaturated polyester resinand other non-metal materials.
It can be widely used in leather ,food ,beverage,cloth,electronic,meter,communication instruments,package,etc.can be cooperate with production for online marking.
It can proceed marking/carving/engraving/nicking a variety of text, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, serial numbers, etc.

Materials Yes
Polyester Resin
Foils and Films
Metals (Gold,Silver,Copper,Stainless Steel etc)

Advantage of Galvo laser engraving Cutting paper
1. Famous brand FEELTECK Dynamic laser head, large working size can by reach to 800*800mm
2. Robust industrial design to prevent the laser light leaking and hence make it more safe for the operator.
3. Clear, high speed ,high precision and controlled engraving .
4. High speed scanning galvanometer for optimum performance.
5. Embedded operating system and good touch interface to provide best solutions for a wide range of marking applications.
6. ALL digital technology and mark upto 450 characters per second (stationary marking speed)


Laser wavelength 10.6um
Laser source 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W
Laser lifetime <10,000 hours
Galvanometer speed 8000mm/s
Q-frequency 20KHz~30KHz
Marking area 110*110mm to 800*800mm
Response time 0.5ms
Minimum Line Width  0.02mm
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Marking Depth 0 ~0.5mm (depend on materials)
Beam Quality M2:1.2~1.8
Repetition Accuracy ±0.005mm
Marking format Graphics, Text, Bar Codes, Two-dimensional Code, Automatically Marking the Date, Batchnumber, Serialnumber,Frequency,etc.
Marking model bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
Online speed ≤120m/min
Operating Humidity Run humidity less than 95% relative humidity
structural materials High quality aluminum alloy
Safety Protection Class IP54
Laser Generator safety class IV class
Power 110 /220V±10%, 50HZ
Cooling way Water cooling
The engine power <2500W
Gross Weight 150KGS
Packing size 1650*1100*1450mm
Price Range $8,000-$9,200

Details Parts HITEC use
FELLTEK 3d dynamic laser headlenslaser headslaser co2 marking machinelens for laser3d laser head

Laser Engraver Cutter Machine Samples
paper laser markingleather cutting machine
3d dynamic laser marking machine

Packing Details
1.Before packing the machine we clean the machine.
2.The machine will be having aged tested 24 hours before delivery.
3.The inner packing is wrapped around the wrapping to prevent friction.
4.The outer packing is packed by standard export wooden cases.
5.We will make sure the machine safety when the machine loading container.

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