high speed laser engraving machine for wood glass

Best wood glass co2 laser marking machine supplier in china, the machine is maintenance-free and has a service life of 3000-10000 hours  


High speed laser engraving machine for wood glass
Co2 laser marking machine

Application Of Co2 laser engraving Machine for wood glass
Co2 laser engraving system is mainly applied in cloth and textile engraving and cutting, shoes and carpet cutting, food printing, medicine printing, soft-drink printing, cigarette code, wines industry, mineral water,daily cosmetic,wires and cables and all kinds of production lines. Due toits various application, it also can be called
Co2 laser marking system can be called as wood laser marking machine, glass laser engraving machine,water bottle marking machine, pvc marking machine, plastic marking machine.

Advertisement Material Garment Material Wood Material
Acrylic engraving and cutting,
Plastic engraving and cutting,
PVC board engraving and cutting,
Rubber plate engraving,
Seal engraving,
Organic glass engraving,
Plexiglas engraving,
Marble engraving,
Granite engraving,
Gum engraving,
EVA materials engraving,
Paper engraving and cutting.
Leather engraving and cutting,
Textile engraving,
Fabric engraving,
Cloth engraving,
Shoes engraving,
Jeans engraving,
Carpet engraving and cutting,
Toy cutting,
Woolen cutting,
Denim engraving and cutting.
Wood engraving and cutting
MDF engraving
Plywood cutting
oo engraving
1. High Speed: Imported Laser Scanning System Makes the Marking Speed up to 8000mm/s.
2. High Precision: Re-Position Precision is 0.002mm.
3. High Quality of Laser Beam: Good quality laser beam, long time working life and free of maintenance.
4. Available Data Networking: Greatly mark data, series number & bar code automatically function. 
5. Integrated and Compact: Small Size, only 0.5 M2, can be Put on Desk and Easy to Install.
6. Easy Operating: Easy Operation, VCD Training, Trouble Free.
7.The Co2 laser marking system is also called plastic laser marking machine,water bottle marking,pvc marking,plastic marking machine.

Advantage Of Co2 Laser Marking Machine
1. High Speed
Import Laser scanning system makes the marking speed up to 12000-15000mm/s.
2. High Precision
Re-Position precision is 0.002mm
3. High Quality of laser Beam
Good quality laser beam, long time working life and free of maintenance.
4. Avaiable Date Networking
Greatly mark data, series number&bar code automatically function.
5. Integrated AND Compact
Small size, only 0.5M2, can be pput on desk and easy to install.
6. Easy Operating
Easy operation,VCD trainging, trouble free


Laser Output Power 60W 
Glass Tube
Glass Tube
Glass Tube
Glass Tube
Laser Tube Origin Made InChina
Life Time of Laser Tube 3000 hours 10000 hours
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Marking Speed 0-8000mm/second
Standard Working Area 110×110 mm
Optional Working Area 70×70mm,175×175mm (Optional)
Marking Depth 0.01~0.3mm
Repeated Accuracy 0.01mm
Laser Wavelength 1064um
Minimum Line Width 0.015mm
Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Machine Power 2 kw
Price Range $4,000-$8,000

Wood Glass Samples
wood laser engraving machine

leather laser cutting machineglass laser marking machine

Machine In Factory
Co2 Laser Marking Machinelaser engraving machinewood package laser

1.Quality Assurance Measures
The company’s management strictly comply with the international ISO9001 quality system. In order the ensure the product’s quality and prevent the substandard goods move into the next process, from the initial storage of raw materials to product leave the factory, the process need pass incoming inspection, process inspection and final inspection. Within controlling the producing process efficiently, we can control the products’ quality efficiently, make sure that all manufactured products are qualified.
2.Deliver Time Assurance Measures
The whole processes from signing the contract to delivering the product are under the strictly controlled, all contracts have to go through the review, therefore, the system can ensure the supplier deliver the machine timely, quality, quantity.
3.Package and Transportation

Machine’s packaging will under the International Package&Transportation Standard. Export standard wood cage package, applicable coach, train or ship transportation, moisture-proof, rust-proof, shock-proof and anti rough handling, suitable for the whole lifting. Each part of the device will be packaged according to the relevant standard, each package has a detailed packing list.

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