Co2 Laser Leather Cutting & Engraving Machine

Co2 Laser Leather Cutting & Engraving Machine support a wide variety of cutting options on different types of materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric ,plastic etc with high speed and accuracy


Co2 Laser Leather Cutting & Engraving Machine
co2 laser engraving cutting machine for leather

Co2 Laser Leather Cutting & Engraving Machine easily give leather a quality finish. With a Trotec laser, leather is engraved quickly and easily for purses, wallets, bracelets, belts, shoes and more.
* Natural leather

Suede leather
Napped leather
Nubuck leather
Synthetic leather
Alcantara leather

Application Examples For Leather
Leather is used in the production of clothing, gift items and decorations. When cutting leather, the laser is melting the material. This results in clean and perfectly sealed edges. Laser engraving on leather creates an incredibly tactile effect, making it easy to customize or give a special finish to the end product.

• Bracelets • Belts  • Shoes  • Purses  • Wallets  • Briefcases  •  Clothing  •  Accessories
• Promotional items Office products   • Crafts
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Features of Co2 Laser Leather Cutting&Engraving Machine
Most advantage:USA

1.High precision galvo head, high speed.
2.high reliability, long continuous operation time,clear and complete printing.
3.Supported by rich software, enable to collect and manufacture various labels, nono-contact processing
4.Ensure original precision of the surface of work piece to the maximum limit.
5.Suitable for engraving on various materials,long time preser,simple installation and convenient
6.The optical system is fully sealed, it can prevent the dust the entering laser body and reduce the equipment failure rate.

 Fiber laser type Co2 laser 
Max Single pulse energy 1.0mj
 Pulse duration  6-250ns
 Laser beam quality M2  <1.2
 Frequency 2--60khz
 Wavelength  10.6um
 Marking Area  300mm×300mm
 Marking Depth  0.01-0.08mm
Max position speed 8000mm/s
Control program Genuine EZCAD control system Compatible with win7/8/10
Graphic format supported Jpg,Bmp, Dxf, plt
Working voltage AC220V 50HZ/ AC110V 60HZ
Cooling type Air cooling
OPerating parameter 0-40℃
Packing size 870*770*1520mm
Gross weight 95kg
Price Range $4000-$8,000

Details Parts Of Co2 Laser leather Engraving Machine
RF Metal Tubemetal laser headco2 laser marking machinewooden package

3 Years Warranty Of The Whole Machine

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