affordable mini cnc wood lathe machine for sale

Affordable mini cnc wood althe with Jaw Chuck for sale Popular for making wood beads, wood bowls, wooden columns


affordable mini cnc wood lathe machine for sale 
small cnc wood lathe for sale

Advantage of mini cnc wood lathe machine for sale

1. it is computer nemerical controled.
2. it is with 300 kinds drawing gallery except for round beads.
3. easy controled special wood beads Machine control system is studied by us.
4. best hard alloy wood lathe cutter in China market, can match with you soft wood cutter and hard wood cutter.
5. can designed by your requirement.
6. imported square orbit and ballscrew transmission.
7. long lifespan, high precision.
8. processing precision: 0.01mm.

Features of mini cnc wood lathe
♦ Precision and speed
imported square orbit and ballscrew transmission
long lifespan, high precision
processing precision: 0.01mm
In the processing of 2 size beads shall prevail, lobular Rosewood automatic
Hole, turning every 38 seconds, 30 seconds without holes. 
Phoebe play hole turning, every 25 seconds, not punching every 19 seconds;
The processing of 5 cm diameter handball, 2.5 minutes  one piece.
Processing handgrip gourd, diameter 5 cm, 11 cm long with 5 minutes.

♦  Cutter lifespan
HITEC small cnc wood lathe Adopt super hard alloy cnc cutter(special for stainless steel),no wear for turning and milling red wood.
processing 3000 pieces  Lobular red sandalwood whose diameter 2cm, no need chang cutter.
Very long service life, is the standard
Piece. If there is damage to the direct replacement, without understanding thesharpening technique.

Application of mini cnc router
cnc wood turning lathe is a kind of woodworking machinery, with very fast turning cutting speed on ssymetrical wood, widely used in table/sofa/chair/bed legs, wooden staircase handrail, baseball bat, billiard cue, pool. column, Pacilion spire etc.
This model is small wood lathe, cnc controled, suitable for small size wooden columns making. 

Model HTL1015
processing diameter 5-150mm
Processing max length 1000mm
Auto drilling With(can change into turning thimble)
Processing precision 0.01mm
Operating system Special wood beads system
Drawing software CAD
Drawing format *.dxf
Transmission way TBI ballscrew guider Taiwan Hiwin/PMI square orbit
Driving system Step motor and driver
cutter Super hard alloy wood lathe cutter
Whole machine power 1.5KW
Motor power 750w
Voltage 220V single phase, 50HZ
Packing size 1500*550*900mm
Gross weight 200kgs
Proper Materials All kinds wood
Application This machine is widely used in crafts industry, Bead, barrel, all kinds of buddha head pagoda, gourd pendant, hoist pieces, wood rhinoceroshorn cup, bowl, whip, cigarette holder, eggs, ashtray scroll painting head.
Standard Accessories Square orbit Ballscrew transmission With automatic drill, Special wood beads machine control software, 1.5kw easy motor,  Supper hard alloy cuttter
Parts cutters*2 pieces drillers *5 pieces Limit switch*2 pieces
Price Range $2,600-$3600

Details Parts
mini wood lathe cnc for sale

Samples Making by mini cnc wood lathe
small woodworking cnc for salesmall cnc lathedesktop cnc wood lathe

mini lathe for woodworking bowls

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