Three spindles panel furniture cnc wood router machine with horizontale drilling system

three spindles panel furniture cnc wood router machine with horizontale drilling systerm moving gantry,fixed 4 *8 table Used for Wooden door industry; Cupboard industry, Panel furniture, Solid wood furniture,Instrument industry, Aluminum alloy industry,Office furniture, Acoustic instruments,In insulation parts, Plastic chemical, Compact, Epoxyresin Decoration; PMMA; PVC;Density board; Artificial stone; Organic glass


Three spindles panel furniture cnc wood router machine with horizontale drilling system 
cnc router for wood cabinet making
Machine feater

Hitec cnc furniture production line Use of syntec control system;fully automatic production from loading,drilling,nesting grooves and cuts,and unloading;
# Heavy duty gantry frame;X-axis driven by double servo motors synchronizing for accurate movement;
#  Equipped with high precision tool setting probe;
#  Option:one spindle & drilling unit;two spindles;two spindles & drilling unit.

Machine Application
Furniture: ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, etc.
Well-suited for processing panel, insulating materials, plastic, epoxy resin, carbon mixed compound, etc.
Decoration: acrylic, PVC, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper,
Designed to meet diverse and complicated processing requirements, highly versatile with routing, drilling,cutting, side milling, sawing and other functions.
Vacuum worktable fitted with aluminum alloy bars and suction cups is rigid yet flexible for various configurations. Cropping the full sheet to your ideal size, routing, drilling, sawing, cutting, and milling—multiple functions, all in one.

Machine congratution

1.4.5kw air cooling spindle+hsd drilling systerm

china 4.5kw air cooling systerm

2.Origional Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers (Reduce the speed,make the machine longer life time)

Japan Yaskawa servo motor and Shimpo reducer

3.Machine heavy duty frame and how to make sure our machine precision)

Heavy duty bosy and precision guarantee

4.Taiwan best quality Hiwin square rails and helical rack gear transmission)

Taiwan Hiwin square rails and helical rails transmission

5.Nesting cnc soluctions (improve working effiency)

Nesting cnc systerm

6.5.5kw vacuum pump

5.5kw vacuum pump

7.Taiwan systern control systerm and taiwan Delta inverter

Taiwan syntec control systerm and Delta control systerm

Machine Technical

model HT2-9
table size  2500×1300mm
max.travelling speed(X axis)  50m/min
max.travelling speed(Yaxis)  50m/min
max.travelling speed(Z axis)  20m/min
main spindle qty 1 (option:2 main spindles)
main spindle power  4.5KW
main spindle speed 18000rpm
vcuum pump power  water cooling 7.5KW
air extraction volume  250m³/h
power  23kw
control system SYNTEC
servo system YASKAWA
spindle Chinese brand
rail HIWIN 
screw rod HIWIN 

Furniture production line samles

kitchen cabinet door samplessamples

Machine strong wooden package
strong wooden package

Machine have delivery to our Dubai customermachine delivery to customer

Machine delivery time :7-10 working days

Payment term: T/T L/C WESTERN UNION

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