2040 Worktable CNC Router with Automatic Tool Change

The ATC CNC wood milling machine can automatically complete a series of engraving, cutting, milling, grooving, and hollowing processes


2040 Worktable CNC Router with Automatic Tool Change

This 2040 ATC CNC routercan automatically change 8 pcs tool bits one by one.
The customer makeone required design by one CAM software on your computer, then turning theminto cut patterns for the machine.
Arrives pre-built with correctalignment. No complicated set-up process.
This industrial cnc router machine runs on 220-volt3-phase -60-hz power.
Powerful 12hp spindle cantackle soft-metal perfectly.
9 kilowatt air-cooling spindle will stay accurate through years of production.
Variable spindle speed, from 0 to24,000 rpm.
High Torque Servo motor sensure smooth running at both fast and slow speeds.
300mm High gantry working area is up and away from material,can process the 2mm-250mmthickness material.
Y axis moves far enough for the gantry to clear the table. You can take the material directly off; no need slantit awkwardly.
Upload your design to the table with a USB drive. Automatic tooling changes let you swap out bitswith computer-controlled precision. Sensor compensates for the change in tool lengths. That change might seem tiny, but it makes a huge difference to the finished product.
Pre-load up to 8 colletors with your chosen profiles; the router will switch between them as programmed.
Powerful 10hp vacuum pump in the bed of the wood router machine holds the material in place during the cutting process.  
6 vacuum zones allow you to turn on the valve only for the area where you’re working.
Arrange each zone’s vacuum seal into the shape of the material to provide well-distributed suction.
Dust shroud fitsover the spindle; you can vacuum out all the dust and chips while you’re cutting.
Fully-welded steel frame keeps the machine stable, helping the router last longer andpreventing vibrations from taking the cut off-course.

Spindle 9 Kw ER32 Standard Quality Air Cooled. Optional Upgrade HSD ATC Spindle up to 12 tools.
Working Table TSlot & Vacuum table 5.5 kw air cooling vacuum pump. Optional Upgrade Becker KVT 3.140 129 m³ vacuum pump.
Control System Syntec Control system.
Machine Body and Gantry Heavy duty metal welding, quenching and sandblasting. Twice painting.
Driving system 850 W servo motor and driver.
X, Y Axis Structure 1.25M helical rack and pinion drive.
Z Strucutre TBI ball screw.
X Y Z Axis Square Rails 25 Square Rails.
Inverter 5.5 Kw
Electric Parts France Schneider
Limited Switch Japan Omron
Machine cable German Siemens OEM factory cable
Oil Lubrication Hand control with Aluminum oil pipe
Machine Max Travel Speed 9.84 ft/min
Machine Max Working Speed 6.56 ft/min
Machine Voltage 220 V, 60 Hz
Machine software Artcam
Assist Loading Roller  Yes
Control Switch German Moeller
Dust Prevention System Woolen Blanket Square Rails Clean
Machine Head Board Aviation Aluminum Alloy Thickening
Other Optional Dust collector
Mist Cooling Pump
Servo Motor
Italy HSD Spindle
Price Range 12000$-28000$

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