4x4 table size cnc wood router for sale

Affordable 4x4 table size cnc wood router HTG1313 for sale


4x4 table size cnc wood router for sale
cnc router HTG1313cnc wood router

4×4 cnc wood router table working size 1313, hobby home use cnc router machine, It’s one kind of small size woodworking cnc router, which mainly use for 2d 3d projects carving and cutting, so 4×4 wood cnc router machine table suitable for home woodworking industry and metal industry.

Features of 4×4 CNC wood router
1. Equipped with China HQD 3.2kw air cooling spindle, powerful and quality guaranteed.
2. With DSP RichAuto-A11 control system, easy to use and operate.
3. High torque stepper driver, ensure high precision under high speed.
4. With heavy duty frame and gantry, wich thickness more than 6mm, can keep precision.
Application of  4×4 Wood CNC Router Machine:
This machine suitable for wooden door and furniture decoration industry, metal industry and advertising decoration industry. manily used for solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, panel furniture carving, LED/neon trough, Acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, MDF, PCB, plastic, copper and aluminum milling and cutting.

Advantages of 4x4 cnc wood router table size
Integral cast iron frame, more durability.
2. TBI motion linear guide with high precision to ensure the machine frame much stability and durability.
3. High accuracy rolling ball screw from Taiwan TBI to ensure the machine frame with better precision.
4. DSP Handle controlling, not occupying computer resource, one computer can control several equipment.5. Be compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as TYPE3, Artcam, Casmate, Artcut.
Applications of 4x4 CNC wood Router Table size 
Wooden areas: Redwood classical and antique furniture, wood carving, gifts wooden box, redwood jewelry boxes, ink-stone cutting, decorative products sculpture, fine jewelry carving.
2. Advertising: Models, company plate, sings, building models, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, signs of decoration, furniture and other decorations.
3. Others: The 3 axis CNC router machine can also be used in portraits, landscapes, calligraphy lettering, seal carving and other plane surface carving, basso-relieve. 

Parameters of wood router
Model HTG1313
Machine Type 4x4 cnc wood router
Working Stroke 4x4 feet or 48 x 48 inch
CNC Motion Controller Richauto DSP A11E or A11S
Command Acceptable Internation Standard G-code
Spindle China HQD 3kw air cooling spindle /Original Italian HSD 3.0KW, 18000RPM, ER25
Cutting Tool Clamping Range 3.175   ~ 16 mm
Motion Axis Motor NEMA 34, stepper, 450B
Lubricating Central lubrication
CNC Router Lubrication Oil No. 30#   ~ 68# engine oil
Working Accuracy 0.1mm / 100mm
Max. Speed 35,000 mm / min
X   & Y Transmission Helical rack and pinion
Z Transmission Rolling ball screw
Linear Guide PMI original from Taiwan
Working Voltage AC220V/60Hz, 3Ph, or Single Phase. (Other volts can be customized)
Price Range $2600-$3200

CNC Wood Router Parts
1. 3.5kw air cooling spindle 

cnc wood router

2. Cabinet box
wood router

3.Tools sensor
Tools sensor

4. Tools box
tools box

Samples making by HTG1313 CNC wood router
mdf cutter wood cnccnc router machine
cnc wood router
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