wood router cnc machine price

Wood router cnc cutter engraver Wood, Plastics, mdf,plywood, stone, Pvc, Aluminum, Cooper, PCB


wood router cnc machine price
wood router

Wood router main configuration
1)CE FDA ISO certificate
2)Working area: 1300*2500*200mm (4*8)
3)Spindle:Italy HSD air cooling 4.5KW spindle
4)Control system:DSP NK105 cotrol systerm
5)Drive system:easy servo motor and drivers
6)Transmission:XY by gear, Z by Taiwan TBI ball screw
7)Rail guide: XYZ axis adopt Taiwan Hiwin linear square rail guide,
8)Table:T-solt table+Aluminum
9)Fuling Inverter
10)Tool sensor
11)Tools box (including all tools for machine)
12)Heavy duty 10mm
13)Software: Artcam/ Type3  software
14)Voltage: 380v, 3phase  220v single phase
15)Filter( anti-interference)

CNC Routers applications
As the name suggests, our
Hitec CNC routers is used primarily in the woodworking industry and are also used for the production of other materials for example; cutting of and engraving on acrylic materials, double-colour boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as dibond, brass  and aluminium materials.

Our cnc wood router advantage
*High productivity quality machines at affordable prices
*Heavy duty frame 10mm
*software and 2d flat carving 3d relief design for free
*Support English,Russian,France technology service

CNC Routers for wood,plastics,mdf,plywood,stone,pvc samples

3d wave cnc router designcnc router application

CNC Routers technology parameters

Model HTM1325 HTG1224 HTG1212 HTM1530 HTM2030
X-Y-Z axis working area
1300*2,500*200mm 1200*2400*200mm 1200*1200*200mm 1500*3000*200mm 2000*3000*200mm
Machine Size 2,150x3,150mm
Resolution 0.0025mm
Z axis height 200mm, (300mm, 400mm optional)
X.Y movement Rack and pinion
Z movement Ball screw driver/Germany
Guide Linear 20 square/Taiwan
Max. speed 35,000mm/min
Max. cutting speed 25,000mm/min
Spindle Italy hsd air cooling spindle 4.5kw
Spindle speed 24000rpm
Driver motors Leadshine servo motor and drivers
Inverter power 7.5KW /Sunfar
Rotary axis
Working length 1500mm, diameter 100mm
Working voltage AC380V, 50/60HZ 3 phase
Command code G code
Computer interface USB 2.2
Collect ER25-12.7mm,6MM, 3.175MM
Software Router software/France
Controls DSP A 11(Digital signal Processor)
Packing dimensions 2260x3250x1960mm, 1350KGS
Equipments included 1). Oil lubrication system
2). Auto adjusting device
3). 6 zone vacuum system with 5.5KW air cooled vacuum pump
4). Double bags dust collector 3KW
Warranty 24 month for whole machine
Machine more details parts
hitec cnc router

heavy duty cnc router
After Sales Service Team
hitec cnc after sales team

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