The best Cnc router for woodwork Engraving Cutting

The newest 5x10 Cnc routes for woodwork 2020, HITEC providing a wide variety of high-quality woodworking and metalworking Routers in china


The best Cnc router for woodwork Engraving Cutting
HTM1530 cnc routers
Features of cnc router for woodwork

1. 4-Zone Vacuum Table with 5.5kw vacuum pump
2. Three Phase Router 220V /30amp (Single Phase Options Available)
3. 4.5kw Air Cooled Electrospindle
4. 6,000 – 18,000RPM Spindle
5. Gantry Height: 7.5in
6. Hand Held Controller DSP A11E
7. Ball Screw on Z Axis
8. Rack and Pinion on X and Y Axis
9. Fulling inverter
10. Leadhsine stepper motor and drivers

Why choose HITEC CNC Router?

♦ HITEC  Enginner has over 8 years of cnc router experience to help provide the solution.
♦ Great customer training or one on one training at our  CNC location.
♦ Reliable machines
♦ Patience to train beginner customers
♦ Experience to train advanced customers
♦ When you talking to sales, you also are talking to a CAD designer, CAM programer, and Machine operator.
♦ We use reliable parts that are readily available for our machines.
♦ Our machines have modular and easy to ship electronics and parts for easy maintenance.
♦ Easy to use software packages.
♦ Uses standard G-code. 
♦ 18 hours online service 

CNC Router for woodwork engraving cutting application
► Cabinet Making
► Sign Making
► Furniture Making
► Architectural Millwork
► Wood Carving
► Aluminum engraving cutting
► Plastic Sheet cutting

Parameters of woodwork cnc router

Working Area: 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle Power: China HQD 4.5kw air cooling spindle
Spindle Rotating Speed: 0-24000rpm
Control System: DSP A11E control system
Power Supply: AC380/220v±10, 50 HZ
Worktable: Vacuum table
Driving Syestm: Leadshine stepper motors and drivers
Inverter Fuling inverter
Transmission: X,Y :Gear rack, high accuracy square guide rail, Z: ball screw TBI and hiwin square guide rail
Locating precision: <0.01mm
Min Shaping Character: Character:2x2mm,letter:1x1mm
Operating Temperature: 5°C-40°C
Working Humidity: 30%-75%
Working Precision: ±0.03mm
System Resolution: ±0.001mm
Graphic Format Supported: G code: *.u00, * mmg, * plt, *.nc
Compatible Software: ARTCAM, UCANCAM ,Type3 and other CAD or CAM softwares
① Italy HSD 3.0kw Air Cooling Spindle
② Leadshine Servo Motor and Driver
③ DSP Richauto-A11 Control System
④ Yako 2811 driver
⑤ Water/Air / Oilless Vacuum Pump
⑥ Automatic tool changer
⑦ CCD Camera
Price Range $3800-$5000

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Samples making by cnc router woodwork engraving cutting
hitec cnc wood router

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