2021 5x10 FT Desktop Type Plasma Cutting Machine For Sheet Metal

5x10 FT Desktop type CNC plasma cutting machine is widespread used from large-scale industrial CNC applications down to small hobbyist shops,is suitable for cutting steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well

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metal plasma cutting machine

Main Features For CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Welded thick-walled steel structure, after special treatment, no distortion for the whole structure high precision, and long service life time. 
2. Cutting system use Beijing starfire system/ Start system/ FLMC-2300A or DSP system;
Equipped with automatic height controller ( THC controller), which can according to your material planeness, cutting head can automatically stable, and fast adjust.
3. Two different kinds of power supply: domestic Huayuan Power and Haibao power supply.
# American Hypertherm power supply: 0-10mm (65A) ; 0-15mm(85A) ; 0-20mm(105A); 0-35mm (200A);
# Chinese LGK series (Huayuan ) power supply: 0-5mm (LGK63A); 0-10mm(LGK100A); 10-15mm(LGK160A); 0-25mm (LGK200A);
4. Taiwan HIWIN linesr rail, ensure vertical section, more precision.
5. Suitable software: Artcam/ Fstcam/ / TyArtcam/ Beihang Haier etc.
6. In allusion to the cutting of Three-dimensional LED advertising word, metal plate of sulciform characters and base plate, cutting precision reach to excellent indicators.
7. High configuration of numerical control system, automatic striking the arc,  stable with reliable performance.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Technical Parameters 

Brand Hiteccnc HTP-1530
Working area 1500x3000mm 
Power supply Huayuan 160A
Control system  CNC Starfire Control system with HYD Independent THC
Software Fastcam 
Resolution ± 0.03mm
Command G code (*uoo,*nc,*mmg,*plt)
Voltage 380V, 3 phase,50/60HZ
Consumble Parts  Cutting nozzle and electrode 
Max working speed 0-10000mm/min
Motor and driver Leadshine stepper motor and driver 
Warranty  24 months 
Price  5000-8000$

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Applications
It is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.It is suitable for all kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed. Applies for aluminum plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, White Steel plate, Titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal. 

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Working Samples 

metal plasma cutter machine
metal steel plasma cutting machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Details Photo 

Huayuan160A power supply 

160A power supply plasma cutter

Starfire control system 

Starfire control syetem

Tool Box together with machine: It include free c
utting nozzle and electrode 

tools box plasma cutting machine plasma cutting machine for metal

Control handle

plasma cutting machine control handle

After Sale Service

CE FDA certification

plasma cutting machine for metal

Technology support 
We welcome all our buyers come to visit our factory for directly free training, our professional engineer will support you to study the machine operation. 
We will supply machine operation manual, training videos and machine parameters, our engineer will supply online machine installation and training.
The customers’ technicians can keep in touch with our engineer at any time, through wechat/whatsapp/mobile phone or email, our engineer will help to solve your problems as soon as possible. 
If customer need, we will send our engineer to the customers’ place to provide install and train the customer to use the machine,our engineer will stay at customers’ place for 5-7days,customers should pay the round-trip airkets/hotels/food for our engineer.

plasma cutting machine for metal

Guarantee Policy
The guarantee period of quality shall be 3 years counting from the date on which the commodity arrives at the port of destination.
Except the damage is artificial, we are responsible for offering the fittings free of charge during the guarantee period. 
Out of the guaranteed period, should the parts required to be repaired or replaced, if any, the parts will be charged.

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