Co2 double head laser engraving cutting machine delivery

2020-10-26 17:02:29

co2 laser engraving cutting machine
co2 laser engraving machine for paper cutting

The main application industries of laser engraving cutting machine:

1. Advertising production industry: acrylic, plexiglass, advertising light boxes, advertising characters and plexiglass display stands, etc.;
2. Electronic and electrical industry: electrical enclosures, keyboards, electronic components, circuit boards, optical cables, cables, etc.;
3. Craft gift industry: bamboo and wood crafts, packaging boxes, shells, porcelain, trophies, crystal medals, etc.;
4. Home decoration industry: wooden floor, acrylic lighting, furniture carving, composite board, PVC, etc.;
5. Stone industry: marble, quartz stone, granite, ceramic tiles, polished tiles, crystal tiles, etc.;
6. Packaging industry: rubber, PET film, sealing tape, plastic film, carton, paper, etc.; (carton printing plate, double-layer rubber plate engraving and cutting)
7. Clothing industry: cutting, cutting, carving, hollowing, proofing, plate making

The samples of laser engraving cutting machine:

co2 laser cutting machine for paper
acrylic laser engraving cutting machine for sale

The details photo of laser engraving cutting machine:

double head laser cutting machine double head laser engraving cutting machine

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