Diy paper crafts with a laser cutting machine at home

2020-09-22 10:25:43

Diy paper crafts with a laser cutting machine at home
laser paper cutting machine
CO2 laser cutting machine are ideally suitable for the cutting and engraving of paper, cardboard and paperboard. They are characterised by very high precision and can even cut the smallest contours. Due to the contactless machining of the laser beam, the sensitive material will not be damaged.
paper card cutting
Types of paper suitable for laser engraving and cutting

• fine paper
• art paper
• uncoated paper
• handmade paper
• cardboard
• card
• corrugated cardboard

With a laser cutting machine for paper finishing, you can create invitations, table cards or high-quality packaging with a creative individual engraving. You can create even the smallest lettering and detailed graphics consistently with laser engraving. Delicate, laser-cut patterns give cards or packaging that special touch. You can also make unusual shapes from printed papers with the laser contour cut.

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table cards
high-quality packaging
book covers
business cards

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