Africa Co2 Laser engraving cutting machine for acrylic mdf plywood

2022-07-09 10:50:09

Advantages of co2 laser engraving machine:
1. The laser engraving has strong anti-counterfeiting function, and the engraved samples are exquisite, the lines are fine, and it is resistant to cleaning and wear.
2. Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, no toxic substances
3. Material saving: laser processing adopts computer programming, which can cut products of different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials, and greatly reduce the material cost of enterprises.
4. Precise and meticulous: The thinnest line width of laser engraving on the surface of the material can reach 0.015mm, and the width of laser cutting incision is generally 0.1~0.5mm.
5. Small thermal deformation: The laser beam of the metal marking machine is thin, fast, and energy is concentrated, so the heat transmitted to the material to be processed is small, and the deformation of the material is also very small.
6. Processed surface: The laser-cut surface is free of burrs, and the surface finish is good.

Photos of 
co2 laser engraving machine:

laser cutting machine co2 laser engraving cutting machine

Feature description of co2 laser engraving machine:

1. Taiwan imported linear guides and domestic high-quality high-speed stepper motors and drivers make the cutting effect smooth and without ripples;
2. Adopt integrated frame structure design, the machine runs stably and without noise;
3. The operation is simple, and the engraving sequence, processing level, output laser power, speed and focal length can be adjusted flexibly;
4. Open software interface, compatible with Autocad, Coreldraw, Wentai engraving, Photoshop and other vector graphics design software;
5. Equipped with a water-break protector to better protect the laser and prolong the life of the laser;
6. Exquisite appearance design and super-strength steel plate industrial grade can effectively ensure the smooth operation and life of the equipment;
7. Double guide rail operation, belt drive; optional honeycomb / blade table;

Samples of co2 laser engraving machine:

acrylic laser cutting machine laser engraving machine

Delivery of co2 laser engraving machine:

acrylic laser cutting machine

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