Whats the difference between Lenmark3DS and EZCAD3

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Whats the difference between Lenmark3DS and EZCAD3
3D Laser marking machine

-----For 3D Deep Metal Engraving 


1) You can adjust the design size in software, you can zoom in and out the size you want.
2) Lenmark3DS focus depth up to 80mm, theoretically it can engraving 80mm depth, but no one do that, normally no more than 6mm deepth J
3) Lenmark software and laser head control card is a set, their lens more thickness, and their laser head inside parts is import, so they are high quality, so they expensive

1) Expensive
2) Lenmark3ds can’t contour relief, the mould when they marking, only can put a circle or square outside, picture as below
3d software

3) Some customer feedback, this software not very stability and not smart to use.

4) For cutting, this function not good as ezcad3, cutting effects not good as ezcad3.






1) It can contour relief, like the picture below.

deep metal engraving

2) Cutting function good as 2d software


3) From 100mm*100mm to 200*200mm engraving, just change the lens is ok, lenmark need change in software and adjust focus button (not difficult, also easy)
laser metal deep engraving

4) More stability, better compatibility with computer



1) Cant adjust the stl relief design in software, for example if you need engraving 40*60mm, you need put a 40*60mm design in software

2) Focus deepth not depth as lenmark, but similar

3) Lenmark precision theoretical can be 0.025, ezzcad3 cant, but its for very high precion work, for your working, they will be same


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