Whats the difference between 2.5D and 3D laser marking machine?

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Whats the difference between 2.5D and 3D laser marking machine?

2D has 2 true axis of X Y axis moving.
2.5D has a 3rd axis but its of very limited utility. It uses the electric Z axis to realize the function of moving up and down
3D has 3 true and relatively equal axis of movement/control in something resembling “volume”.
hitec laser marking machine
2.5D working principle
The 2.5D fiber laser with 2D galvo head,which have not the Z axis mirror. It used the Motorized lifting pillar stands for the third mirror to move automatically.
Its working process is: in the process of processing, each layer is processed, the motorized lifting pillar moves, adjusts the height of the galvanometer, and then emits laser, so as to ensure that the laser spot is well focused on each layer, and finally achieve the relief effect.
2.5D laser engraving machine can finish all 2D laser work and can make 3D laser engraving on flat plate. 2.5D CANNOT make 3D engraving on curved part.
Lifting pillar of 2.5D laser machine must be motorized type. Because laser head need to re adjust the focus during engraving.
2.5d fiber laser
What a 2.5D laser marking machine can do?  (youtube video link)

2.5d laser marking machine

3D working principle

3D means dynamic focusing.3D laser machine with  3D galvo head,which have three mirrors,the Z axis mirror can be moved back and forth.
The 2.5D laser with 2D galvo head,which only have two mirrors.
This is the key technology of 3D laser marking machine.
Its working process is: the joint coordination of the Z-direction dynamic axis and the XY-axis is controlled by software. With the difference of the number of processing layers, the Z-direction dynamic axis moves back and forth to focus compensation to ensure the consistency of the light spot during the whole work process.
In contrast, when the 3D galvanometer is processing relief, the Z-axis and the XY-axis are fully coordinated, which can achieve nearly microsecond forward and backward movement focus compensation, without being restricted by an external lift table, and higher efficiency and accuracy. The 3D galvanometer is more inclined to industrialized products.
2.5d &3d fiber laser

What a 3D laser marking machine can do?

Difference Software


Basic Software EZCAD3.0
Software Kernel 64 bits
Operation System Windows XP/7/10,11 64 bits
Controller Structure FPGA for laser and galvo control, DSP for data processing.
Control Compatible  Controller DLC2-M4-2D
Compatible Laser Standard: fiber
Interface board for other types of laser
DLC-SPI: SPI laser
DLC-STD: CO2, UV, green laser...
DLC-QCW5V: CW or QCW laser requires 5V control signals.
DLC-QCW24V: CW or QCW laser requires 24V control signals.
Note: Lasers with some brands or models may need special control signals.
A manual is needed to confirm the compatibility.
Compatible Galvo 2 axis galvo
 Standard: XY2-100 protocol
Optional: SL2-100 protocol,16 bit,18 bits, and 20 bits galvo both digital and analogical.
Extending Axis Standard: 4 axis Control  (PUL/DIR Signals)
I/O 10 TTL Inputs, 8 TTL/OC Outputs
CAD Filling Background filling, annular filling, random angle filling, and cross filling.
maximum 8 mixed fillings with individual parameters.
Font Type Ture-Type font,Single-Line font,DotMatrix font,SHX font...
1D Barcode Code11, Code 39, EAN, UPC, PDF417...
New types of 1D Barcode can be added.
2D Barcode Datamatix, QR Code, Micro QR Code, AZTEC CODE, GM CODE...
New types of 2D Barcode can be added.
3D File STL, DXF...
Dynamic Content Fixed text, date, time, keyboard Input, jump text, listed text, dynamic file
data can be sent via Excel, Text file, serial port, and Ethernet port.
Other Functions Galvo Calibration Internal calibration,
3X3 point Calibration and Z-axis calibration.
Red Light Preview
Password Control
Multi-File Processing
Multi-Layer Processing
STL Slicing
Camera Viewing Optional
Remote Control Via TCP IP
Parameter Assistant
Stand Alone Function
Gradual Power UP/Down Optional
Gradual Speed UP/Down Optional
Industrial 4.0 Laser Cloud Optional
Software Library SDK Optional
PSO Function Optional
2D Laser Marking
Marking on The Fly
2.5D Deep Engraving
3D Laser Marking
Rotary Laser Marking
Split Laser Marking
Laser Welding with Galvo
Laser Cutting with Galvo
Laser Cleaning with Galvo
other laser applications with Galvo. Please consult our sales engineers.

3D-- FEELTEK Lenmark3DS or (EZCAD3  G3-3D type)
Basic Software Lenmark3D   LenMark_3DS
Software Kernel 64 bits
Operation System Windows XP/7/10,11 64 bits
Compatible  Controller FEELTEK
The self-developed LenMark software is specific for dynamic focus control. The 3D interface is easy to operate, can import 3D images directly, edit and map, quickly realize the 3D surface accurate processing control.
Support import of kinds of vector files and bitmap files.
Support network port, serial port data reading, can facilitate automatic production line data interfaction.
Self-developed software,support further development. Optimization for application,open interface,can be customized to requirement.
Support multi correction methods:fast and high precision correction on high precision ideal platform and free adjustment of each position focal point under the non-ideal plane,and finally achieve full format focus consistency.
Support 3D application,support importing of STL model, self-developed model, etc. Support 3D data editing rapid realization of 3D surface marking,relief processing.
Support expansion of 3D scanning requirement,it can realize the rapid localization and reverse processing of 3D workpieces,and the rapid marking of workpieces can be realized without the workpiece model.
Engraving Projection Positioning
Platform moving line 3D surface marking
360°rotation marking Customization

Along with these standard benefits for laser engraving systems, 3D fiber laser systems are able to provide etchings, engravings, and markings on non-flat surfaces. Examples include:
Conical shapes
Spherical and round shapes
Cylindrical shapes
Parts with convex portions
Parts with concave portions
Sloped and slanted surfaces
Large size metal industry engraving up to 600*600mm
3d fiber laser

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