High quality co2 laser cutting machine for acrylic, wood, mdf, pvc, fabric, leather, rubber

Hitec cnc laser machinery has high quality co2 laser cutting machine for acrylic, wood, mdf, pvc, fabric, leather, rubber cutting and engraving


High quality co2 laser cutting machine for acrylic, wood, mdf, pvc, fabric, leather, rubber

CO2 laser cutting machine 1325

Co2 laser cutting machine features

*Application: Laser Cutting Condition: New Laser Type: CO2
*Applicable Material: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax,    Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood
*Cutting Thickness: According to the different materials
*Cutting Area: 1300X2500mm Cutting Speed: 0-40000mm/min
*CNC or Not: Yes Cooling  Mode: Water Cooling
*working area :1300X2500mm 
*Control system: RD-6442S
*Taiwan Hiwin linear square Rails 
*Laser power : 150W Reci brand laser tube(best in china)
*Red-light Pointer
*Leadshine stepper motor and drivers
*Dust collector system 
*Air pump
*water chiller 5200 Cooling systerm
*Exhaust Fan
*Taiwan Fulong Belts 
*Singapore Lenses and mirror (3 mirror and 1 lenses ) 
*Blade table
*standard tools box 
*USB offline
*water protection switch

Parameters of the co2 laser cutting machine

Product model HTJ4060 HTJ6090 HTJ9125 HTJ1612 HTJ1325
Max working area(mm) 400*600 600*900 900*1250 1600*1200 1300*2500
Gross weight with accessories 240kgs 280kgs 320kgs 400kgs 900kgs
Laser power 60W/80W/100W/120W/150W/180W
Laser Types Hermetic And Detached CO2 Laser Tube
Engraving speed(mm/min) 0-75000
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-40,000
Minimum letter English 1 x 1mm
Location precision ≤0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Driving system Stepper  (Hybrid servo&Panasonic servo are optional)
Software Lasercut 5.3 or RDworks V8 (because we have two kinds control cards for you choose
360°slope engrave Yes
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz~60HZ  (110V is also available)
Operating temperature 0 - 45℃
Operating humidity 5 - 95%
Laser output control 1-100% control panel and software setting
Highest scanning precision 50-1000DPI
Compatible software CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop
Auxiliary Devices Exhaust fan and Exhaust pipe
Cooling mode Water-cooling and protection system
Price Range 5000$-8000$

co2 laser cutting machine samplesC02 laser cutting machine samples

Detail parts of the co2 laser cutting machine

1.Laser head and belt transmission by Taiwan best quality Fulong brand
co2 laser cutting machine laser head

2.Reci 150w laser tube,longe lifetime 1000hours
Reci laser tube 150w

3.RUIDA RDS6442 Control systerm
Rudi control systerm

4.Leadshine steeper motor and drivers
Leadshine steeper motor and driver

5.Co2 laser cutting machine control box
co2 laser cutting machine control box

6.High quality co2 laser cutting machine for acrylic,wood,mdf,pvc,fabric,leather,rubber

Selecting your Laser Cutting Machine?

Before you start calling companies and making your decision on who you are going to go with, you should know the basic questions and answers that are required to make sure you are getting the right laser cutting machine for your workshop.
1. What kind materials will you need to cut?
Depending on the type of materials that you are cutting with decide what kind of laser is required. If you are only cutting thin metals than a fiber laser will be more efficient, though if you are cutting plastics or woods then you will need a
CO2 lasers. (There are material restrictions on each laser source)
2. What is the common size of sheet metal that needs to be cut?
This will determine the size of your cutting bed also be sure that you will have enough room in your workshop to fit. Common size for laser cutting is 1.5m Width by 3m Length.
3. What is the thickness of the material do I need cut?
The thickness of the material will determine the power of the laser source, as the thicker the material the more power is needed to be supplied.
4. Do I need CAM Software?
Every machine is equipped with computer controlled laser software. CAM Software is a very important piece of software for your machine, it will give you the ability to easily operate your machine and provides you with nesting capabilities to save you on consumables and materials with its intelligent design.
5. What are the cutting speeds?
The speed of machine will vary depending on the size of material that is cut, though the speed of the cut will give you the effectiveness of the machine you are purchasing and is both determined by the laser source you will be using and the machines capability.
6. What do I need in my workshop?
Before you purchase a machine you need to look at a few factors in your workshop, firstly if you have the space for the
laser machine, secondly if you have the power in your workshop to handle the machine (ask a Farley rep for the floor area and power required). 
7. Is there a local service team?
There is less problem for laser machine, most are operation problem - our engineer provides on-line training; any technical question, they can resolve on-line or by remote-assistance. HT engineer is available to visit your factory and provide face-to face assistance or training. There are 13 engineers in
HTJ Laser to help foreign customers and domestic customers. 
If you have the answers to these questions then you will be able to select the correct laser cutting machine for your workshop

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