Hitec cnc plasma cutting machine for carbon steel stainless steel

Hitec cnc plasma cutting machine mainly used for machine Manufacturing, Armored Vehicles, Automotive Fabrication, Construction, Decorative Fencing, Job Shops, Structural Steel, Marine Fabrication, Oil Field Equipment, Sign Shops, Metal Fabrication, etc

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Hitec cnc plasma cutting machine for carbon steel stainless steel
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cnc plasma cutting machine cutting table advantage

1) Precise DC servo motors drive rack and pinion gears at variable speeds to provide accurate motion in any direction.
2) The unique, patented Z-axis controls the height of the torch, avoiding constant operator intervention and tip hangup common in other machines.
3)For superior accuracy, the gantry is synchronously driven at both ends.
4)Moving parts are rigid yet lightweight, allowing high acceleration and precise cutting at various speeds.
5)Unique controller bridges the gap between software and
cutting table, letting you to see on screen what the machine is doing. This link allows flexibility, since parts are cut directly from drawings without the extra step of posting a program.

1.With very high precision for cutting  stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel and other metal
2.Suitable for both sheet and tube cutting 
3.Small cutting gap, with no residua.
4.Light design of the beam promises high cutting speed and accuracy.
5.Working with computer and support G code and files of FASTCAM software (specilized in cutting metal material)
6.Starfire control system and HYD THC device. 

Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry, Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers, Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,ect.
HTP1530 Metal Cutting Materials
All kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed. Applies to iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, White Steel plate, Titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal.

Cnc plasma cutting machine power supply
We have two kinds of cnc plasma cutting machine Power supply , power supply is optional. 

1) USA hypertherm power supply
USA hypertherm 45A  : It could cut 8 mm steel well
USA hypertherm 65A  : It could cut 12 mm steel well
USA hypertherm 85A : It could cut 16 mm steel well
USA hypertherm 105A : It could cut 18 mm steel well ( 105A need have a Hypertherm cutting torch )
USA hypertherm 125A : It could cut 20 mm steel well ( 125A need have a Hypertherm cutting torch )
USA hypertherm 200A : It could cut 30 mm steel well ( 200A need have a Hypertherm cutting torch ) 

2.China brand Huayuan power supply
63A  : It could cut 8mm steel well
100A : It could cut 15mm steel well
160A : It could cut 20 mm steel well ( 160A need have a Hypertherm cutting torch )
200A : It could cut 30 mm steel well ( 200A need have a Hypertherm cutting torch ) 
American Hypertherm power cutting speed is more fast than Huayuan plasm power .
Also the American Hypertherm cutting with smoothly, little burr,with high accuracy.

CNC plasma cutting machine Parameter

Cutting Width X Axis 1300mm
Cutting Width Y Axis 2500mm
X,Y,Z,Axis Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.3mm
Transmission System XY Ball Screw & Linear Guideway 
Z Cylinder & Linear Guideway
Max. Cutting Speed 12000 mm/min
Working Voltage 380V/50HZ
Plasma Unit Max. Power                      8.5KW
Command Language G-Code
Driven System 3 Phase Stepper Motor
(Optional: AC Servo System)
Price Range 5000$-11000$

Details Parts for cnc plasma cutting machine
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cnc cutting machine samples

Hitec cnc cutting machine application
Application Materials: Stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, sheet metal, spring steel, gold, silver, etc
cnc metal cutter samples
cnc plasma cutting with table
protable cnc plasma cutting machine

china cnc cutting machine

Hitec cnc professional after sales service
1. After our machine is finished, our engineer will check every parts of the machine.
2. After we confirm every parts are no problem , we will have a continuous debugging 
for 24 hours.
3. Therefore, as soon as you received the machine ,they can use it immediately.
4. Two year warranty period (man-made damage is negotiable).
5. Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
6. Free design of fixtures as customers required.
7. Free training for operation staffs.
8. Free marking samples of customer provide.

Machine In Factory
cnc plasma cutting controller
More information you need to know
1. Payment terms: T/T, Alibaba Trade Assurance, West Union, Paypal
2. Delivery lead time: 5-12 working days after receipt of the advance payment.
3. Delivery method: by sea or air shipment.
4. Packing: compound wooden cases with exporting standard.

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