cnc plasma cutter machine table

cnc plasma cutter machine mainly used for metal parts cutting thickness materials other metal sheet cutting such as steel,carbon steel,stainless steel, Iron,galvanized plate,Titanium plate and other almotaheda for general metal sheet cutting

CATEGORY: Cnc Plasma Cutter

cnc plasma cutter machine table
cnc plasma cutter machine
Cnc plasma cutter machine Feature

1. Beam with light structural design, the structure has good rigidity, light weight, exercise inertia and low cost.
2. Gantry-type structure, Y-axis synchronous dual-motor drive and XYZ axis with circular rail 
(optional formula-type linear guide), steady transmission, and high accuracy.
3. For advertising solid light, groove metal panel and bottom plate of the word for cutting, 
cutting accuracy good indicator. If equipped with the U.S. Treasure plasma power can achieve lower 
laser cutting machine.
4. And other advertising devices(vacuum forming machines, gear cutting machine) to form ad word. 
processing pipeline, completely solve the traditional way of manual processing. Improve efficienyseveral times.
5. Plasma cutting machine can cut any conductive metal in high efficiency. 
6. CNC system configuration high, automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate of 99% arc.
7. Support Wentai, Beihang Haier, ARTCAM, Type3 software such as the standard G code path 
generated file can also be read by software conversion software such ad AUTOCAD generated DXF formats. 
U disk exchange control system processing files, easy to operate.
8. Plasma machine can cut aluminum, steel and any other conductive metal in high efficiency. 

Machine Details Parts
1. THC controller. We call it torch height controller. This device could sense the different heightness of same metal material for 
avoding the crash of torch head to material, and adjust the head in time. 
If the metal material you process is with the same thickness for one piece, 
then you could choose our HT 1325 cnc metal cutter machine as option.
High quality THC
2. Machine Control System.Bei Jing start control systerm
Kerf compensation, reasonability check and report for user's option,Breakpoint restoration, 
automatic power back recovery and automatic breakpoint memory,
RandExtended piercing for thick plate and bridging feature for thin plate,
Optional piercing position feature in mode of RETURN, SECTION(section selection) and
RESBREK(breakpoint restoration), very convenient for user control,
Ready for transitional cutting operation at any moment,

Beijing start control systerm
 3.Machine Control Cabinet. Euro standard wire connection, electrical spare parts CE standard. 
philicam control cabinet
4.Fastcam software
fastcome software
5.Power supply (it is optional,china or USA)
china huauyna power supply
6.Hiwin square rails
Taiwan square rails

Model         HTP1325-63A sheet metal cnc plasma cutter price For Optional
Working  area (X-Y) 1300*2500mm  1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm
Working  material Iron, Steel, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, 
Titanium Plates 
Working  Thickness 0.5-30 mm   
Cutting Speed 0-6000mm/min  
Power  8.5kw  
Input Voltage 380V 50HZ 220V 60HZ
Plasma Current 63A 86A 125A 160A 200A 45A/100A/160A/200A
Connecting Way USB   
Working Mode  Untouched arc striking  
Cooling method  With water pump and tank provide 
circulating water cooling
Z axis travel  0-70mm  
The automatic elastic raise  0-5mm  
Rail guide  Precision work round  
Transmit way  Taiwan imported ball screw  
Operation language  Chinese or English   
Command G code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt  
Optional parts   America Hypertherm
    Electricity nozzle and Water jacket
    Rotary device
    YASKAWA Servo drive system

cnc plasma cutter machine samples

cnc metal cutter machine
cnc plasma cutter samples

1.Two years warranty,main parts are free of charge when problems happened during the guarantee period.
2. Free training course at our factory with professional engineers.
3. We provide the consumable parts at agent price when you need replacement.
4. 24 hours online service each day, free technical support with different languages.

Q: I am not sure if this CNC plasma cutting machine suitable for my work?
A: Don't worry, just tell me your working materials, max working area and cutting thickness, then I will recommend you the most suitable machine for you.

Q: What other things also need after we bought your CNC plasma cutting machines?
A: With plasma cutting: need plasma power source and air compressor. You can match plasma power supply by yourself, or buy together with the cutter from us, it's optional. If you buy from us, we will connect the wires of plasma power source and CNC plasma cutting machine together, then more conveniently to use.

Q: How can I do if the machine goes wrong?
A: If confronted with such problems, online service is offered, you could contact our sales. Also, we offer engineer delivery service. Please contact us ASAP and don’t try to fix the machine by yourself or someone else. We will response as soon as we can to solve it for you. 

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