5axis cnc router machine

5axis widely used in mold industry casting mold, automobile, sanitary ware mold, ship, yacht, aviation industry, etc

MODEL: HTM1224-5axis

5axis cnc router machine
5axis cnc router

5axis cnc router standard parts

1) X,Y,Z working area :1220*2440*950mm
2) Table size :1320*2540mm
3) Spindle: 10kw HSD spindle, 1000-24000rpm, liquid cool
4) Tool Holder: HSK63F
5) Motor : Yaskawa Servo motor and driver
6) Moving mode:Table moving
7) C travelling: ±213°
8) A travelling: ±135°
9) Beam spacing(MM) : 4260
10) Beam Height(MM): 2150
11) product fixed form: T slot table
12) Tool magazine: Carrousel tool tool magazine (8positions)
13) X, Y, Z Travelling Potioning Accuracy : ±0.03/300mm
14) X,Y, Z Travelling Repositioning Accuracy : ±0.05mm
15) Frame: Cast steel
17) X, Y structure:  rack and pinion drive, THK rail linear bearing from Japan
18) Max Rapid Travel Rate: 25,000mm/min
19) Max working speed: 15,000mm/min
20) Z Axis: 15m/min
21) C Axis: 15m/min
22) A Axis: 15m/min
23) Total Power(kw) : 24KW
24) Maximum lifting weights: 7.5T
25) Working voltage: AC380V/50Hz
26) Command languages: G code,M Code, F/S
27) Control system: OSAI, Siemens
28) Collet: BT40
29) Software Optional: MasterCAM, Powermill, AlphaCAM.

5axis cnc router machine advantage

Get the complete spectrum of industrial production with precision 5 axis CNC routing with the HITEC 5 axis CNC Router. Process everything from yacht and automotive parts to molded product trimming on 3D curved surfaces. With real time tool center point rotation and all 5 axes fully synchronized, it’s easy. Built with world class components, the HTM1224-5Axis is designed to deliver optimal performance, while maintaining exceptional positioning and cutting speeds. The HTM1224 is a versatile 5 axis machining center – increase productivity with our twin moving table model or save on floor space with our single stationary table, moving gantry model. CNC routing on 3D surfaces is faster, more accurate, and more adaptable than ever with the HTM1224-5Axis 5 Axis CNC Router Series.

With OSAI numerical control system, the machine is of high speed and high machining accuracyThe Japan THK rails and the Germany original rotating arm ensure the accuracy and strength of the machine. 

Z-axis travel can be heightened to 1.2 meters, so it is very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional  surface, special for cars model.

The intelligent processing crossborder protection function can prevent the excessive processing caused by  mechanical collision.
Diversified control processing speed can control the working speed, traveling speed and dropping tool speed, and it improves the quality andefficiency greatly.

Applicable industries:
Mold industry: Various large metalloid moulds, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, wooden 
model aviation, rail woodenmold and wooden mold train.Instrument industry: 3D surface engraving and shape cutting 
of large-scale instruments.

5axis cnc router application

● Mold industry: casting mold, automobile, sanitary ware mold, ship, yacht, aviation industry, etc.
● 3D processing: chairs,fiberglass trimming, resin and other non-metal carbon-mixed work pieces processing.


Model HTM1220 5axis
X working area 1200mm
Y working area 2400mm
Z working area 600/900mm
C traveling   ±210°
A traveling  ±180°
Supplier for Double pendulum head 9 KW Italian GC
Spindle rotating speeds 6000-24000RPM
Servo Motor brand YASKAVA
Table size (MM) According to your need ,we supply the design ,you can book in your side
Control system OASI system
Total weight 12T
Total Power(kw) 12.4KW
Voltage AC380V/50HZ
Maximum lifting weights 20T
File exchange(USB) G code
Maximum speed:X Axis 85m/min
Y Axis 85m/min
Z Axis 45m/min
A/C Axis 25RPM(9000degrees /min)
Mix feeding speed  X/Y/Z=40m/min,A/C=20RPM(7200degrees /min)
Guarantee time two year of guarantee in case of non-human damage
Other items: dust collector 5.5 KW double bag type
 Price Range $50,000-$90,000

Details parts of the 5axis cnc router machine
5axis cnc router detial parts
Samples of the 5axis cnc router machine

5axis cnc parts
5axis cnc router
5axis cnc router application
After sales and Guarantee:

1). The machine is guaranteed for 24 months.
2). Technical support by phone, e-mail or MSN around the clock.
3). Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.Brief introduction.
4) Enginners home service for customer

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