Cnc Vibrating Oscillating Leather Cardboard Knife Cutter

2019-05-08 11:41:34

Application CNC Vibrating Cardboard Knife Cutting
cardboard cnc V cut knife cutter
>> Materials: Leather, various garment flexible materials, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car stickers, adhesive, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic sheet, thick foam, composite materials, etc. 
>> Cutting function of oscillation tool:can cut many different materials (such as corrugated paper, cardboard, offset paper, grey board, rubber,honeycomb board, PP,PE,PVC, gasket, leather ,carpet and mat )
>> Folding function: It can fold corrugated paper, card paper and offset board into perfect folding line.
>> Function of dotted line: It is used to fold them after half cutting corrugated paper and grey card paper, and to cut dotted line.
>> Positioning: positioning  with cross red line positioning system.
>> Drawing function with marker pen (optional). It can draw various high precision drawing cutting materials: corrugated board, foam, PVC, styrene, Coroplast, Celtec, magnetic film, adhesive vinyl, leather, rubber, fabrics, high intensity reflective films, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, magnetic films, vinyl etc.
>> Punching function: It can punch hole on the material, such as leather,carton, pvc, carpet and mat ,etc.(optional)

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