Cnc Knife Cutting For Gasket Industry

2020-07-15 10:19:03

Cnc Knife Cutting For Gasket Industry
cnc gasket cutting machine

HITEC digitally cnc knife cutting equipment precise cuts through a diverse range of elastomer, foam, composite, and polymer materials measuring up to 30 in thickness.

Application Materials as follows:
Composite Cork
Red Rubber
Table Gasket Cutting
Graphite Gasket 
cnc knife cutting machine for gasket
Why choose cnc gaskets cutting machine?
Cnc gaskets cutting machine just got a lot easier and a lot more affordable with our high-speed knife cutting system that performs precision cuts without a gasket die, Atom Flashcut Flex S gasket cutting system. It's an economical solution for large product types. Instead of building a steel rule gasket die, simply submit an Autocad drawing and our CNC based knife-cutter will take of the rest. The process causes no concavity and produces clean cut edges. It is well suited for projects which require quick prototyping with close attention to aesthetics. Perform kiss-cuts with ease and achieve extremely precise cuts. Perfect for tight tolerance applications necessary in both aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. You can save money by using less material. State-of-the-art CNC software allows for automatic nesting of shapes within shapes thereby simultaneously reducing waste and increasing product yield.. 

Advantage of cnc gasket cutting machine
1) High cutting precision, material saving
 2) Special-shaped cutting with high precision
 3) Consistent cutting size, without error
 4) Standard cutting, precision within 0.1mm
 5) 3-5 times higher efficiency than manual work

Efficiency Comparison

    Type of gasket       Thickness HITEC digital cutter efficiency     Manual cutting efficiency Instead of manual quantity
    Graphite gasket
     1.5mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2 people
       2mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
       5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     4 people
    Ordinary gasket
     3mm      300mm/s     50-100mm/s     2-3 people
       5mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     2-3 people
    Rubber gasket
     3mm      200mm/s     50mm/s     3 people
       5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3 people
       10mm      50mm/s     ≤10mm/s     4 people
    PTFE gasket
     3mm      150mm/s     10-50mm/s     3-4 people
       5mm      100mm/s     10mm/s     3-4 people
The above data is for reference only, the actual operation, affected by the thickness, hardness, flexibility, etc. of the material, the data will be biased.

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