Co2 Laser Leather Marking Machine Shipping To Brazil

2019-06-27 11:07:02

Co2 Laser Leather Marking Machine Shipping To Brazil
Laser Leather marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine for leather application

   - leather bracelets or necklaces
   - leather wallets or bill folds
   - leather purses or hand bags
   - leather customized products
   - leather belts or tool belts
   - leather jackets or coats 
   - leather shoes or sandles
   - leather briefcases or boxes
   - leather personalized tags
   - leather books and book covers
   - leather DIY crafts (Pinterest)

Fast Speed Co2 laser marking machine system have USA original RF metal tube and China cheap price glass laser tubes.
Popular for nometal materials such as plastic, wood, leather, jeans marking.

How to package of Co2 laser leather marking machine
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