whats the mopa laser color marking machine?

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What the mopa laser color marking machine?

A MOPA laser source is a great way to expand your marking capabilities and improve the quality of your marking results on certain plastics and metals. With a conventional fiber laser marker, markings on certain metals and plastics (especially if they are dark in color) can be less homogeneous and rich in contrast. The MOPA laser source is a great solution in these cases because it allows you to select pulse durations, which translates into a wider range of laser marking parameters and more marking options. As a result, the MOPA can laser mark plastics with higher-contrast and more legible results, mark (anodized) aluminum in black, and create reproducible colors on steel.

With the MOPA laser, the pulse durations can be set to predefined values between 4 and 200 ns. The MOPA laser is one of the most flexible lasers on the market and can be used for many applications: With respect to pulse duration, it can simulate the properties of conventional fiber lasers (relatively long pulses) and those of classical solid state lasers (relatively short pulses) such as Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 (vanadate).

Advantage of mopa color laser marking machine
For short pulses and lower pulse energy, the material is e.g. heated less and the area of the heat affected zone is reduced. This results in more advantages and possibilities for laser marking metals and plastics:
Less burning/melting in the edge area of metal engravings
Less heat development during annealing markings on metal, which leads to a better corrosion behavior
More homogeneous and sometimes higher-contrast markings on some plastics

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