how to create3d relief model design

2017-07-15 11:06:12

How to create 3d relief modle design use cnc router machine?

3d relief design now widely used in Home decoration industry.Create furniture, 3D reliefs, signs and gifts using a CNC machine.

Photo VCarve can be used for much more than converting photos into millable or engravable data. Create real 3D reliefs in different materials within just few steps. Design new or use available cliparts as template.

A simple greyscaled picture designed with Corel Draw and worked out with Photopaint becomes a 3D relief with the software PhotoVCarve very fast.

Now Hitec cnc manufacturer support the technology for 3d relief carving,we have professinoal after sales team can teach customer on line,at customer home ect...

1.Greyscaled picture
greyscaled picture

2.3d relief samples

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