Japong Sevilla

2019-03-19 19:11:32

Mr Japong Sevilla use our HTJ1325 Co2 laser cutting machine engraving on mdf, his mainly job is Advertising industry. He choose Reci 180w laser tube, it also can used for cutting up tp 30mm mdf, acrylic, 25mm plywood and wood.

What customer say our co2 laser wood cutting machine

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laser engraving cutting machine

Application examples for wood processing
Lasers are extremely versatile instruments for wood processing. In the design industry, dark cutting edges and brownish or whitish colored engravings serve as exceptional design elements in wood products. Design new products for a wide variety of industries.

♦ Arts and crafts
♦ Toys
♦  Furniture construction
♦  Interior design
♦  Shopfitting
♦  School supplies
♦  Decorations
♦  Gift items
♦  Christmas decorations
♦  Architectural models
♦  Inlays

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