Mr Helal

2019-02-12 19:18:06

Few month ago Mr Helal from USA purchased our HTM1325C Atc Cnc Router, we use 2 days discuss about the machine fuction, and confirm the right machine for him.
Mr Helal told me he want engraivng and cutting on mdf, but mostly cutting for kitchen cabinet door.
In order to long times, he choose the high level cnc router with 12pcs differnt tools for engraving and cutting mdf ,wood. This machine change tools automaticly. That can highly improve the working effciency.

Customer received the machine

1325 atc cnc router

What customer say and what customer made by our Cnc Router

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1. With HSD Air Cooling Spindle, and it can swing 180 degrees, which is different from 3axis cnc router machines. And the speed of spindle can be reached to 24000RPM for per minutes.
Compared with woodworking cnc router machine, this kind of machine was designed with rotary device.

2. Besides, the rotary device can be removed and put to your desired location. It can also be disassembled during transportation.

3. Equipped with 8 slots Carousel type tool magazine. Different knives can be installed in tool holder.

4. Compared with Multi-heads cnc router, ATC CNC ROUTERS can change more than 8 sets of tools automatically in the engraving process.

5. Distinguished with 4*8 CNC ROUTER MACHINE, the working size and processing area are larger. In that case, the working efficiency can be greatly promoted.
Meanwhile,Carouse ATC Cnc Router Machine  has some similarities with this kind of machine.

6. This kind of machine is suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables, chairs and some others.

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