The US customer fiber laser cutting machine feedback

2023-02-25 09:43:58

American Customer Feedback Fiber Cutter Cutting Metal Hook Metal Hanger

Laser cutting can cut out the shape desired by the manufacturer on the lifting clothes hanger, because most of the materials used in the clothes hanger are stainless steel, so the laser cutting machine used for cutting can be an fiber laser cutting machine. The speed of laser cutting is fast, and the cutting quality is also very good. The most important thing is that the laser cutting machine is very easy to operate. Compared with some traditional cutting methods, the advantages of laser cutting are even better. There will be no deformation of the product after processing, and automatic cutting and nesting can also be realized.
The use of laser cutting machines can meet the various needs of customers at one time. The cutting of various materials is not only applied on the clothes hanger, but also other processes can also meet the requirements.

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