HTF-6025GAR metal laser cutter shipping to Australia

2021-04-07 10:52:43

HTF-6025GAR metal laser cutter shipping to Australia
metal laser cutter

laser cut highly intricate metal parts, prototypes, and customized pieces include:
- stainless steel
- soft steel
- aluminum
- brass
- copper
- thin sheet metal
- superior speed for <5mm
- operating cost effeciency
- greater reliability
- greater service life

Features of fiber laser cutting machine
Expert database allows for quick changes over between jobs, minimizing operator interactions, by automatically setting cutting parameters through the CNC
● Jumping mode to enhance cutting effectiveness
● Capacitive height control in quick response
● Re-trace mode allowing for the cutting process control when cutting errors occur
● Dynamic corning control allowing for automatic adjustment of power and gases for better cutting performance in corners and tight contours
● Adjustable slope function to improve laser piercing quality
● Cutting compensation function for line & circle cutting
● Fly-piercing function with non-stop cutting which greatly improves the cutting efficiency for thin plates
● Automatic plate edge detecting function for faster setup
Professional Configuration
● High Efficient Cutting Head:
● Bright surface CuttingSmooth cutting surface, high accuracy, perfect squareness
● Diversified Sheet ChoiceStandard cutting mode and SuperCut Mode
● Intelligent Cutting System Auto-controlling and auto-focusing cutting gas
● Auto-Loading & Unloading System

metal laser cutter
laser cutting machine

Shipping laser cutting machine to Australia
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