What’s the controller types for woodworking cnc router?

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What’s the controller types for woodworking cnc router?

Woodworking cnc router divided into three control methods:

First, all the work done by the computer control, The computer is in the working condition when the cnc router engraving or cutting materials., can’t carry out other typesetting work;
Under this control way,the hot sale controller brand as follws.

1.NC studio control systerm

NC Studio control systerm

2.Mach3 control systerm
mach3 control systerm

Second, Use the single-chip Control, the woodworking machine work at the same time can be typesetting, but can not turn off the computer, can reduce the computer misuse caused by waste;
 Third is use the USB  to transmit data, the system has more than 521M memory, save the file can be completely out of the computer, Turn off the computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve work efficiency.

Under this control way,the hot sale controller brand as follws.

1.DSP NK105 Control systerm
dsp nk105 control systerm

2.DSP A11 control systerm
dsp A11 control systerm

It is understood,Currently on the international market,the woodworking cnc router usely used the first and third control ways.

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