MDF Laser Cutting Machine HTJ1325 shipping to Saudi Arabia

2020-02-19 15:47:03

MDF Laser Cutting Machine HTJ1325 shipping to Saudi Arabia
mdf cnc cuttter machine

Whats the advantage of Co2 laser cutting machine cut MDF?
♦  No chips, therefore no cleaning of the machine surrounding necessary
♦  High accuracy and repeatability when laser cutting of MDF
♦  No clamping or fixation of sheets necessary
♦  Less crack and waste due to contactless laser cutting
♦  No tool wear – consistently high cutting quality

Depending on the type of laser that is utilized, there is a wide range of compatible materials available. With the CO2 laser cutter, you can use wood, leather, acrylic, glass, plastics, foams, as well as cardboard and other paper materials.

Top materials People ask
1. Laser cutting machine for Wood
2. Laser cutting machine for Acrylic
3. Laser cutting machine for Leather
4. Laser cutting machine for Cardboard

best co2 laser cutting machine

laser wood cutter 132520ft container

This HTJ1325 come with
► W6 150W Reci laser tube
 Taiwan PMI origional rails
► CW5200
► UP-Down table
► Chuck type rotary and Roller type rotary
► IIVI Lens
► UP-Down table
► Red dot
► Auto focus

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